wanting to try the curly girl routine

my curly girl book I hope is in the mail but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before it arrives. I am wanting to try the no poo,no cone thing to see if it will help with my horrible hair. do I need to use a harsh clarifying poo to get started? to get all the gunk out? Then use a no cone conditioner? I need recs for the co wash (I need to be able to get them at Walmart,drugstore,Sally's) I need conditioner recs for the ends of my hair and also I'm used to using gel, so I would like recs for a gel too, and do you think I need a leave in before the gel? I don't like the smell of regis oo co, my hair is a dry frizzy mess, that tends to curl LESS when it's dirty (does this matter??) TIA
Hi there!

My book just came in over the weekend, and so far I really like what it has to say. I actually tried the routine for the first time tonight after I got home from work. So far, so good. We'll see what happens in the morning when I give my hair a rinse.

So I've been experimenting with hair products. So far I've had success with Catwalk Curls Rock Conditioner to "wash" my hair. I put about a teaspoon or so into the pads of my fingers and gently rub into my head using circular motions. I rinse that out and then put Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque. I put that into the palms of my hands and run it through my hair, using my fingers to de-tangle as I go along. I leave it in a little more than three minutes, and then I rinse just the excess. I like to leave a bit in.

As far as post shower, I LOVE Nexus Headress. It has a lot of the good ingredients that CG calls for. I scrunge that into my hair, and finish off with some gell. I guess the gel is up to your particular preference--sorry I cant be more help here.

Basically, I'm trying to condition the heck out of my hair. It's been almost two hours since I've done this, and so far I dont have any craziness going on I'll give you an update when I wake up in the morning!

I hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted!
If ur wanting cheap Wal-mart type products, my pick would be the Suave line. Their condish. & gels are really good!

After all my trials & errors I've been the happiest w/ the Jessicurl products/routine
P.S. HOpe your hair turns out great!

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