Anti-curly Tresemme ad!

Has anyone else seen the commercial for Tresemme Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner? The girl walks into a salon complaining about her thick, curly hair (which looks great to me, by the way!), and the stylist washes her hair with the Tresemme products and straightens it out - and yay! She suddenly loves her hair again!

Sad message they're sending, I think...
I've seen it, it annoys me every time...I hate how they just refer to it as frizz, as if curls are just frizz.
i've seen this commercial too, and needless to say, i won't ever be buying any tresemme products again!
UGH--haven't seen it yet, but I just HATE those commercials knocking curly hair and assuming that getting it straight is some sort of "makeover"!! Grrrrrrrr.
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I hate that commercial, but unfortunately, my hair loves their shampoo. *sigh*
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