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Entipy, I also have very fine hair and was curious which of the HE SMU gels you use. There's a spray gel and a more 'gel' gel. You look nice with straight hair but I love you with the curls!!!
Hi ECCurly! Thanks!

I have both of the SMU gels. I use the regular gel now, but if I have to use the spray gel, I will pour it into my hands and use it that way. That's what I did before I got the regular gel. Occasionally, I have been known to spray some of the SMU spray gel into my hands then scrunch my hair during the final stages of fixing - or before blow drying.
I have very fine 3A hair!
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I noticed you're using the GF C&S line. Are you liking the whole line? I'm always afraid cones in the shampoo will cancel out the shampoo cleansing the cones off from the last day. If that makes any sense.

Your hair looks great both days but boy you freaked me out with the straight pics. Don't do that! hehe joking, it straightens out really nice but your curls sure look playful and friendly and bouncy
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Wait...WAIT...I'm most people that wear gel go for this crunchy curl effect once the hair is dry?? And then scrunch it until it's gone? I can definitely see how this works on shorter hair - but are those of you with long hair doing this too?

I have always been amazed at how many curlies on this board use gel (especially with names like 'rock hard gel' and 'super stiff gel' and 'dar-near-close-to-cement gel' :P ...I have always hated gels because of that exact reason - they made my hair all thin-curled and crunchy. (ha!) But maybe I have been misunderstanding the technique all along...
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medusahair - LOL! No worries about the straight hair thing. It won't be happening again any time soon. TRUST me. Second, I'm liking the GF C&S line pretty darn well so far. Then again, it's shampoo and conditioner. I don't see a noticeable difference between curls with that and curls with other things. I, seriously, think - at least as far as I'm concerned - it's more in the styling methods than the products.

curlyniner - I would suppose most folks use gel for the lasting hold it probably offers over mousse or nothing. However, I haven't even tried mousse in quite awhile now, so I'm not sure. Scrunching out the crunch after it's dry seems to work very well for me, so it's a keeper.
I have very fine 3A hair!
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Mine is technique and products both but I did use the C&S conditioners all last summer. Great frizz control. I hadn't used the shampoo though.

curlyniner my hair isn't short at all and I use Gel. You just have to learn to let it dry then scrunch out the crunch. Jess has a video of the scrunching on her site (
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
Fabulous hair!! I love that cut on you - it suits you so well. And such pretty, shiny, well-defined curls. I also love the color.

Curlyniner - I also have long hair (approximately bra-strap length) and use gel. ALWAYS. God, my hair without gel is a bit scary. If I'm going to be in my apartment for awhile before I go out, I just diffuse a bit, wait for it to be completely dry, then scrunch the stringy ramen curls out. (And with certain gels, it's much worse than others.) I hate going out in public with the crunchy ramen hair, however, so if I'm leaving immediately, I diffuse probably to about 80-90%. That way I can scrunch shortly after leaving my apartment.
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I use gel. It helps to keep the clumps together while drying. I then scrunch out the crunch when my hair is dry and I have spirally curls that actually keep their hold. Without it my hair falls in a couple of hours.
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do you plop?
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I don't plop, no. My hair is too short, and it doesn't work very well for me at all. I've tried it once or twice with crappy results, so I don't even bother anymore. Once it gets longer, I might try it again. I also don't use a microfiber towel, either, because it pulls out too much moisture, and I get more frizz as a result.

I'm starting to think I may be backwards from a lot of curlies! LOL
I have very fine 3A hair!
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