PLEASE help me find a moisturizing protein free shampoo!

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Barkley, have you ever done a protein deep treatment followed by a moisturizing conditioner? That's what I'd suggest for you. And then avoid proteins in the rest of your products.

(Moisturizing after a protein DT prevents the dry feeling.)
yes, this is the only way i use proteins. i use a protein treatment about once a month and follow with moisture -but pure moisture is hard to find. i think i used GF 3 minute mask following the last protein treatment.
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You might think about doing the deep treatments weekly. It sounds as if your hair problems are due to damage more than dryness.
The nanoworks has protein, so those who are sensitive to it might feel dry from it.

The Enjoy looks interesting, but I couldn't find an indredient list online for the shampoo and conditioner. i know that their hydrating line has proteins, so it would be nice if this line were protein free. Their website says that you have to be a haridresser to ask a question, so I can't ask them.

you could always go to a beauty supply or salon to get info or the ingredients, if i pass by my beauty supply tomorrow, i'll ask for you.........but i highly doubt its has protein, and if soo maybe jus a lil, but its the top on the market now
I found this site because I am using their sunscreen. They even make a gel. ! Haven't tried them yet but the sunblock is great.

direct link to shampoo and condish:

oh yes! my hair needs MOISTURE! it cant get enough.
barkley, So glad to hear that you liked mop hydrating. What were your final results?

I don't think you're hair's an abberation. I periodically go with and without highlights, either way my hair never likes protein - always gets straw-like from it. Last summer was the first time I was completely sulfate and protein-free with new highlights and they stayed in such good condition, I was amazed.

I used to use Elasta QP Intense (yummy smells like bananas) as a "protein" deep treatment, because it has only silk proteins which don't seem to bother my hair as much. But since using the mop, and watching my stylers (cones, proteins) I don't need to DT anymore (I'm also wearing my hair a little past shoulders, not below bsl anymore)
I alternate between wavy and curly, with the weather, so I went to a "modified CG" of shampooing once a week. I use only the amodimethicone, if any, so I'm pretty faithful to CG. But this is so unlike any other shampoo for me, I know it will get out what I may put in my hair, but never dry it out, or my scalp either.

Suzen, have you ever tried mop hydrating? It's almost more like an "oil wash" than a co-wash, it leaves just the right amount of oils which my hair seems to like (maybe it's the grapeseed extract?) and it feels less filmy than No-poo, which was a pretty good co-wash for me. This is just more consistent, reliable, and concentrated, than any co-wash I tried.

I liked Activate poo & condish for a while but don't like the soy proteins, and never really liked the scent. I still use the Straightening Cream that came free with them - it's protein-free, and an OK curl cream/protector for winter weather. Elasta QP is cheap at Sally's btw, and has squalene high on the list - that's the nice hair ingredient from olive oil (it's also in Elucence, but so is the yeast protein). My fine hair likes jojoba, castor, and coconut oils as ingredients, but I'd never put olive oil in it straight. Maybe that or one of those oils will help you hold in moisture.

Please let us know your results / thoughts!
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MOP c-system hydrating poo & moisture complex
wavyme curly....mop c-system hydrating is wonderful! since i started CO washing, my hair hates shampoos. i think this is the only shampoo i have used that didnt dry out my hair. usually my hair is dry for two days after washing with certain shampoos, but not with c-system. THANK YOU!!!!
also, so funny you mentioned elasta QP. i signed up for a free (generous) sample on their website. i was hesitant to use it bc of the proteins, but after i read your post, i may try this next time i do a treatment.

an interesting observation on 3 yr old DD has really long hair -down her back. sometimes if a shampoo/conditioner doesnt work for me, i use it on her. her hair (virgin hair, obviously)reacts to the products the same way mine does -but it a lesser way. i used elucence moisture balance for a few months, and my hair broke off. i used it on my DD and her hair started to break too!

now if i could find a truly moisturizing/smoothing daily conditioner, i will be all set!
barkley, thanks for the update, so glad to hear that you're liking it. It is my HG.

Re: the condish - have you tried the c-system moisture complex? It works well for me with the mop hydrating.

Also, For anyone considering trying the mop shampoo, I just found this sample size:

and there was a page which said enter "f2s" for $2 off; don't know if it would apply to a sample size bottle this cheap, but even if not this is a good price.

I don't know why the silk protein (in Elasta and some others) isn't as bad; wheat, in a styler, high on the ingredients is definitely the worst. I strive to keep my hair soft as my kids' hair - theirs is always softer, but the mop and everything else I've learned on has me close.

Saw this:
you could try it - I used to like coconut oil and meg has envy-able hair.
CG since 7/04 2a/3a Carlos:"Strong wavy"
Fine brunette Cut to shoulder length from past bsl - love it shorter = curlier!
Spirals in summer Wavy S's in winter
MOP c-system hydrating poo & moisture complex
i am very sensitive to proteins as well. i have used and liked nature's gate hemp moisturizing and herbal conditioners. both are protein free.

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg

i have extremely picky hair -prone to dryness/breakage/brittleness

since i like the MOP shampoo so much, i am now curious about the protein free dish they make. next time i go to BBW, i will pick up a bottle.

i dont think i can use straight oils on my hair -i hate to say this bc i am probably the only one who has hair that reacts this way...but they make my hair more dry. unless i use them incorrectly?

i never tried natures gate hemp-for some reason i thought they had proteins. i will have to check them out again. thanks mayim. i am having a hard time finding the ingredients online.
i just tried nature's gate herbal conditioner (havent tried their shampoos) -i think my hair likes. Doesnt impart a lot of softness, but it definitely makes it fuller. I think I will try the NG hemp one next...
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No, oils are not the same as proteins.
wavy me curly -just you follow elasta QP with moisture? thanks

suzen-i am not positive about this one. some people have told me that if the source of the oils is a protein, then the oil itself is considered a protein.
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No, oils are fats, proteins don't come from oils.
Hi barkley

Sorry I'm just now seeing your question, I think I used to follow Elasta with Jessicurl Weekly DT, which didn't have any oat flour and I think it's still protein free. I never needed heat with it, though it sounds like a luxurious Sunday kind of thing to do (I have kids) My highlights are all cut off so I'm not needing to dt anymore.

I just put an order in to and their Bizrate rating looked positive. (You can bet I'll post here if I have any issues with their customer service, though) They have some very good prices on mop products, liter sizes and a tester of the spray pomade which I think is a lot like SIF, but better scent. I'm trying the Texture spray which has mag sulphate like Jessicurl stylers, and no protein. I will either get curl bosting or frizz. I'll report back on it...

ps the code "f2s" is still good for $2 off and $50 gets free shipping (if you really love the mop hydrating poo
CG since 7/04 2a/3a Carlos:"Strong wavy"
Fine brunette Cut to shoulder length from past bsl - love it shorter = curlier!
Spirals in summer Wavy S's in winter
MOP c-system hydrating poo & moisture complex

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