Where are all the "Thin Haired" Curlies!?

I am a 3b thin haired curly too. After spending too much time agonizing over it I decided to just learn to live with it. I was making myself miserable thinking that everyone was staring at my visible scalp. My thinning is mostly on the top of my head, the worst place.

I've used biotin and Nioxin and neither really made a difference. I faithfully have been using Rogaine for 3 years. My hair loss is very controlled, I do have new hair growth but it is just new thin hair. Every other month I get my layed bobb style trimmed which adds volume to my hair. On days when I want my hair to look stunning I use Nexus Humectress after washing with Therappe it makes my hair look very full and thick. On other days I use Quidad because it is lighter than the Nexuss.

Overall I suggest that thinning haired when keep their chin up, don't let it make you miserable like it did me, I hid from the world and once my attitude changed I realized that I was still beautiful inside and that's what I need to project to the world. The new attitude helped, I've even fallen in love with a wonderful man that loves my curls just the way they are!
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If you focus on the negative not only is that what you'll see, that's what you'll be.
I have no idea how I missed this post. I've been looking for other thin curlies too. When I wore my hair relaxed (straight), every stylist would always cut it short (above the collar bone) or roller set it to make it "appear fuller". After a few years, it occurred to me that my hair has its own natural curls. So why am I paying for something that my hair does for free? I had a stylist cut off all the chemicals and started wearing my own kinky curls. It has been 7 - 8 years and I've never looked back. Yes, it's still thin and fine, but I get more compliments on my natural hair than I ever got from the straight hair. Plus, I'm saving myself money and frustration(wishing for/trying to grow longer straight hair). Go figure...
thin, fine, 4a
My hair is pretty thin too, but the curls hide how thin it really is thankfully. I've learned to tolerate and even like frizz sometimes just because it makes my hair look fuller. I've been taking much better care of my hair for the past 1 1/2 years and have seen alot of new growth because of it. And my ponytail has thickened to 3 inches (was barely 2), blow dryers are good for creating more body. I avoid alot of updo's because it really shows how thin my hair really is. I've been meaning to go buy some cheap hose to stuff my updo's with, but I keep forgetting.
One thing to watch out for is not to cut too many layers. The lowest layers can wind up very wispy if you're not careful with that.
Originally Posted by SuZenGuide
Yep. I looked terrible when I had long layers cut into my hair because of this. The bottom layer looked like it only had three strands! Terrible! I just wear my hair one length and change the part around because I feel like it gives me the illusion of fullness. I also don't use a lot of product, as someone previously mentioned.
3B that is no longer CG, but still endeavors to have healthy hair by not using sulfates.
Grr..the internet tricked me into double posting
3B that is no longer CG, but still endeavors to have healthy hair by not using sulfates.

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