What the heck am I...

besides a rat's nest.

This is with AG re:coil and HE.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

I had it pulled back in a little clip. That is why the front looks straight.
3b/c color treated
I'd guess 2C/3A maybe? I'm not sure...
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searching for products that work...
I'd say 3a
Cowash - No Poo
Conditioner - One Condition
Gel - Light Defining Gel

Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
All this time, I thought I was more 3b/c. Thanks.
3b/c color treated
All this time, I thought I was more 3b/c. Thanks.
Originally Posted by curlyqgirl70
I am considered a 3c, so I think you are more 3a, no more than 3b
I think 3c textured hair with some 4a.
My curls are not uniform. They look like a tangled phone cord.
3b/c color treated
I say a definite 3B with maybe some 3C thrown in.
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PW: frizzella
I'd say 3b. a solid 3b.

but about actually styling it, do you scrunch out the crunch? it doesnt look it and it can make hair alot softer and softer-looking.

Growing out hair to a little above bsl
pw: ringlets
I was thinking mostly 3A too since I didn't notice strong spring type spirals. But, you do curl pretty close to the root which is more of a 3B trait. I don't see anything tightly spiraled enough to be a 3C.

But, that's only two pics on a given day, so I could be off.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I did scrunch out all of the crunch. My hair tends to get too soft sometimes and then I can't do anything with it. That was the first time I had used HE set me up and re:coil. That was also after I was in humidity during a soccer game. My hair had started to shrink. I will try to take better pictures, before I go out.
3b/c color treated

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