QUICK! Someone gives some conditioner recommendations!

I'm headed to the store here in a bit and need some suggestions!

I have been using Cream of Nature, but I am wondering if it too much for my hair...just kind feel weighed down.....

So I am searching for something that is CG-friendly...free of the silicones, etc.....that has been good!

I've read Suave Trop. Coc. and Suave Smoothie (is that it??)....

Any others??

I am trying to find the right one..and hate to go out and by something 'salon-y' until I get my hair under control.
Suave Tropical coconut
V05 Calming chamomile and green tea (cheaper too...)I use the previous two for conditioning because they have really good slip and are cheap so I can use plenty and not feel like I am wasting it.
I use Nature's Gate for the scalp scrubbing part of co-washing mostly because they have really good cleansing formulas and make my scalp feel really clean. I have read that others on the boards have really good success with American Crew Condish for scrubbing too.
I would strongly recommend using a really good organic sondish like these for scalp scrubbing. Speaking from personal experience this makes a LOT of difference in getting you hair and scalp into good condition for the CG system to really work effectively. GOOD LUCK!
Cincinnati Ohio>>>Coarse protein sensitive 3a, Jessicurl WDT as a leave in, Biotera gel, White Boots, PW= coffeecurls

"Man tries to exaggerate what nature has given him," Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." -Sophia Loren

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