Will they smell the honey and come after me?

I found a gorge poo and condish that I absolutely adore.
Bodyshop Honey Moisturising Range.

Because I leave in all of the conditioner, I can smell it everytime I move. Which is nice because it smells delish.

But.. my husbands racing season starts this Saturday, and the race tracks are always swarming with wasps for some reason, ideally I'd like to wear my hair down. But is every wasp and it's dog going to move into my hair because it smells so sweet?????
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I don't really know. I sometimes use a few drops of honey in my conditioner, and I don't find I am pestered by wasps or bees. But I don't know about the Body Shop products.
I got chased by a bee once...after I conditioned with honey and condish...
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I thought I attracted more bee's when I used AO's honeysuckle and rose, but im allergic and very scared of bee's so maybe it's exaggerated in my mind.
I find that what I eat determines whether I'll be bothered or not. Bananas especially! I wanted to add also, don't you just love the honey conditioner?! I started using it again recently too, and it actually works better on me since they have re-formulated it. The wonderful smell lasts in my hair all day too!
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pitgirl I'm glad you found those products - I used them for a while and LOVED them too until I realised I was majorily allergic to the conditioner. I got a blob of it on my cheek and got a white itchy lump for two days and my scalp was super itchy with it. But the smell is GORGEOUS isnt it!

if you dont mind using cones, i also have the walnut defining cream from the body shop which also smells yummy. it doesnt have loads of hold but it makes hair super shiney and, like you said, smells yummy - i can send it your way if your interested? the second ingredient is the cyclo cone so its a no no for me...

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Thanks curlies x
I won't dare start delving into the Bodyshops other ranges it could get quite dangerous if the haircare is this good.

I'll just have to see if I get stung and then I'll know

There's something about this racetrack though, I was there one time (actually during my late pregnancy, could be a deja vu moment) and this wasp was buzzing round me so I started running away from him because he was so persistent. For some reason, while I was running round in circles like a crazy woman, I decided it would be a good idea to slip off my sweater to swat it. Resulting in my arms being exposed and the little bugger stung me immediately.
The only consolation to it was the fact that his sting and half him butt were left stuck to me so I know he died a long and painful death somewhere.

I was thinking maybe a messy bun would be safer, but could you imagine one getting trapped inside, argggggggggghh.

JEN, I was standing in the body shop with my mum next to me saying don't do it, dont pick up another styling product, because I was so close to with the cream. And planned to buy some, but if you have some you don't want then I would be so grateful. Your such a star
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Ooohhh...I love the Body Shop's Honey Conditioner. The smell is fantastic. It's one of the only conditioner scents that lasts for a long time. I haven't had any bees chasing me, but then again, it hasn't really been warm enough here, either. Banana is one of the first ingredients, but I imagine that there's not much left of it after you rinse.

I also love their Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz. A little goes a LONG way. I use a little under my gel on occasion, and it makes my hair very smooth. It does weigh it down a bit, but if my hair has been misbehaving, a little of that, and it's tamed. Hate to encourage you to buy another product, but it's worth it if you ever want to try it out.
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I leave all of my conditioner in so that's why I'm slightly concerned. I can't wait to try their cream.
Don't worry about encouraging me, I am trying to be product free but I don't think I will ever allow it to happen, as I have 2 1/2 bottles of Curls Rock in stock, and there are a couple of other things I want to try.
I know they wont work but my PJ wont be satisfied until I've wasted the time and money finding out

I'll let you know how much bug love I get :P
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Umberto Giannini & Curls Rock Amp
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