Anyone do the Blended Beauty routine from their site?

I was just curious if it works. I see they rec products for each and every hair type. I'm thinking they may have finally nailed what my hair is. That alone is almost enough for me to go on a buying rampage lol. Thanks!
I've got a lot of the BB products i started of with the straightening glaze even though i straighten my hair once maybe twice a year, then i got some stuff for when i wear my hair curly and can honestly say i love every product i have tried that goes for the Blended cutie line too.
I use happy nappy even though on the site it says it's for very tightly curled and i'm 3b/c - probably more 3c since using the products and the happy nappy still works well, so I don't follow to closely using products that are aimed at my type - as long as it's BB it works well (well so far anyway)

I don't know if thats what you mean by the routine though?
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
I have used many of the BB products.

I wouldn't necessarily follow their product recommendation chart exactly. My hair is primarily 4a, but the individual strands are very fine. I tried the happy nappy styles and found it too heavy. I wound up using the curly frizz pudding and the curl styling lotion.

I love their soy cream shampoo, curl quenching conditioner and herbal reconditioner.

You can always get sample sizes of their products from before you go on your buying rampage.

kdcreigh 4a and b (who knows?)

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Ah thank you so much ladies! Yes, I was talking about their hair typing chart when I said routine. The reason I was so impressed is that I always thought I had weird hair. I'm caucasin but my hair is coarse feeling with not much shine. However, they describe me in the one that says the curls look like BB1 but the texture is BB3. So maybe I'll try between hehe.
I followed the product recs and HNS didn't work so well for me, nor did curly frizz pudding. I use Curl Styling Butter.
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I do like Happy nappy and curly frizz pudding although i haven't got the hang of it just yet- it's very lotion like when you put it on so you may put on more than you need and it does dry with hold.

I can say barring the shampoo, I prefer the Blended Cutie products I think the down and out styles is my favourite styling product
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c

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