Christo Seminar 4/24 6:30pm -- Anyone going?

Anyone going to "The Art of Curly Hair" seminar at Christo next Tuesday? Here's a link to the info:

It would be fun to meet more NC members. Swapping anyone?
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I noticed from your posts that you had a cut at Devachan recently. How was it. I had mine cut by Jackie yesterday. Best haircut I've EVER had. Worth the big bucks!
i wasn't thrilled with the haircut at first -- but now i do like it. i will totally go back again but i think i will go to carlos or ana since i have heard so many great things about them. i am interested to see what they have to say at christo. are the christo products CG friendly?? i think the invite said they will give some samples out. well, my assistant has very kinky hair and always blows it out -- so she is curly today and is coming with me. so if the projects aren't cg then i will pass them along to her. do you work in the area of christo's salon??
Nuts... I just sent an email and the seminar is full. Ah well. Maybe next time.
I've heard good things about Carlos and Ana, too. I am VERY happy with my cut from Jackie. I just uploaded my before and after pics:

Now you can recognize me and say hello!

I work pretty close to Christo's, but between work and the seminar my plan is to head down to Macy's to return a pair of shoes.

See ya later.
Claire, I'll bet with this great weather we're having many people won't show. If you're nearby, I would stop in and see if there's room.
I had to cancel, I hope some other curly was able to go in my place. Can someone post a review of the seminar here? I would love to hear how it went.

Botticelli/3A with some waves too!

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