Help! What is my hair's deal?

Ever since I started the new curly haircare process, my hair has never been better. But the very front pieces are driving me crazy! They're poofy and undefined. Thinking I was overconditioned, I stopped co washing and started using sulfate free shampoos, but it's still weird. Gel barely helps it.. What is the cause and how do I get the front to curl like the rest? I would like to go back to cowashing, but I don't know if it will make things worse.
3b-3c CG
Protein buildup product buildup or protein sensitive? I don't know..
3b-3c CG
I don't like how mine looks in the front either. I usually put a couple of clips in it while it's drying to try to get it to lie a little flatter, otherwise it's too poofy and flys in my face. After it's dry, I usually put in a bobby pin or two, that I hide under the rest of my curls to get it to behave. I think this area needs a little more TLC too, and it is an easy area to get missed by conditioner or gel. I have to make extra sure to get gel here, otherwise it will be a frizzy mess.
Izzy, started CG in January after being bald for over a year!
Currently using Devacurl No-Poo, One-C, Angell, Set-it-Free. Weekly Jessicurl WDT. Lemon-aid every other week.
the hair on the top of my head is like that. i think some people such as ourselves just have different types of curls on different sections of their head. makes things rather difficult, no?
Ya, I've been clipping and occasionally bobby pinning too.. I'm just eager to know what the cause is because it's never been that way before. Thanks to both for your responses. =]
3b-3c CG
Yeah I've been finding that my front is the same exact way. the front doesn't curl very well no matter what kind of gel.
i am curious too.
I am a 3c reformed product junkie thanks to the economy.

I lurk a lot, I change my hair color a lot. It's currently black and bsl when wet and beyond my shoulders still when dry.

Now I will stop procrastinating and get back to what I was supposed to be doing before I got on here.

Any questions?

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