Our moms and our curls

I've ranted about this before, but let me do so again. :x

I really have no idea what my mom sees when she looks at my hair that she finds it so hideous and yet strangers on the street stop me to tell me how beautiful it is :x
My mom has no issues with my curls...just the color! She refuses to accept that I'm no longer a blonde.

(Just wait until she finds out I just colored my hair DARK brown....hahahaha....)
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My mom and I have pretty much the same hair, which almost killed her, I think . She fought her own hair so much, so she was always after me as a kid to do something about my hair, plus here she had the perfect guinea pig for experiments that she was too chicken to try on herself! At one point, she seriously considered shaving my head to see if the hair would grow back straight. (luckily, sanity prevailed)

It's changed a lot over the years. Well. She still hates her OWN hair, that's the same as ever, but that's just moms.

And my brother, who has STRAIGHT hair, is going bald. Ha!
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(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
My Mom has straight blonde hair which is super-fine so she can't wear it very long. She loves my curls and loves it when I wear them long and dark... but should I go for a shorter cut or dye them. "Oh I miss your long hair and your natural color!" They will always take their issues out on us.
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My mom has her hair cut in a style where she has to blow dry it straight everyday. If she let it grow it, she'd definitely have wavy hair. I don't think it would be as curly as mine since mine seems to get curlier as the days pass... :P but she definitely has some wave to her hair. My mom still thinks though that curly hair needs to be brushed. Arrgh! She doesn't really know how to deal with curly hair since she blow dries hers straight, but I do thanks to a great haistylist and this site. I wish she'd just let me do what I do because I know what my hair needs and likes.
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My mom loves my hair curly...She has naturally curly hair but it is cut into this really short poofy-blob. Basically, she's jealous.
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
My mother has naturally curly, grey hair (3b/a) and loves mine curly. She's had short hair for most of her life, but when I started straightening she straightened too and grew it to about mouth-length. Then I convinced her to wear it curly and now she has it cut in a style where it's short at the back of her head and about chin-length in the front; and some curls cut shorter to frame her face. It looks gorgeous and she gets complimented all the time. I'm so glad for her!
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My mom thinks she knows everything about my hair. But she is so wrong.
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