OMG I got my first ever CORKSCREW curl today!

I'm so excited. Usually the back of my hair is just wavy with a couple loose curls that fall out easily, at best. Underneath has often been almost straight until lately. Today my mom commented on how curly the back was. When I looked in the mirror later I saw the weirdest thing... On my shoulder was a perfect corkscrew curl from the underside of my hair!
This is just so out of the ordinary for me that I just had to share.

I seem to be getting some new growth finally after all that hair loss from medical stuff. With that new growth, I seem to be getting a lot more curl. It's quite interesting!
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Wow!! I get all excited when my hair is curlier than usual. What styling products are you using?
sending good vibes your way for good health & good hair days!

Frizz Happens!

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Well that's a double good thing. Hopefully that's a sign that your health is better now. Keeping my fingers crossed that there are lots more corkscrew curls coming your way.
That's great! Happy healthy healing and curl vibes going out to you!

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Rejoicing with you! I'm sure there'll be lots more to come.
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