How long on CG before I notice better condition?

I've been poo-less now since Feb of this year, and haven't caved once yet, and I was wondering when I might notice the condition of my hair improving? My hair is still really dry, and although my curls behave wonderfully now, in fact i didn't really HAVE curls before, just volume and frizz, so I'm really not complaining, but I did expect to see better condition too, and perhaps a little shine? Am I being too impatient?

How long did it take you CGers to notice improved condition? Myhair is wiry and coarse, maybe thats a factor?

Any input gratefully received

Liz x
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I personally noticed a difference within about 2 weeks. My scalp got better too but it took a little longer. I have coarse hair but itn't wiry so I do not know what to tell you 'bout that. I noticed that my very dry hair really really like unrefined shea butter DTs. I carve off a chunk and heat it in the micro until it is hot and oily then apply and leave on for at the very least 2 hours. Sometimes I mix it with coconut oil, jojoba oil or Africa's Best Oil TX. Then I co wash it out with something like Natures Gate, you know, something organic. If you can't do that look for this
Or this...

If you can't get that in the UK then I will do some more research to find something else. (I'd heat them both in the Micro...they work better that way)
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My hair is fine and dry but not overly so (or it was when I started CG then modified CG two years ago) but it still took a good while for my ends (the driest part) to finally get enough moisture that I could ease up a bit on the heavy conditioners and the shine took even longer. But man does it shine now.

Hang in there. You'll just have to be patient on the shine. I really didn't get impressive shine for quite sometime. My ends got better after each of the two trims I've had over the CG period.
I'm not sure how much longer coarse hair might take to achieve the same results though.

Also, what products are you using to wash/condition/style? What's your routine? Do you color? All of these things can be factors in how long it takes to really kick in. But at least you have curls now! It's a start. (I didn't have actual curls before CG either).
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If you're not sensitive to protiens, I highly recommend the generic K-Pak treatment from Sally's. Worked wonders on my hair for softness and managability.
The Burts Bees avocado treatment is great too. Personally, I like to it after washing or on my ends when styling rather than before washing.
I also like oil treatments. I start with dry hair and apply jojoba oil to the length (you might be able to use something heavier like sweet almond oil or coconut oil... some even like olive oil but my hair hates that), then I braid my hair in two braids and apply a little sweet almond oil to the ends. I leave it like this overnight or all day or as long as I can stand it/ as long as it takes to soak in. If I leave it overnight and part of the next day my hair absorbs it all and comes out super night and moisturized.
You could also try a little jojoba oil after showering or even just a tad after styling and drying. Or add it to your conditioner. I used a lot of oils when I was really working on my hair's condition.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
Thanks ladies. I have overlooked deep treatments and oils, favouring instead some thick heavy conditioner with honey in, left in my shower cap for 20 mins or so. Maybe some more drastic measures would help, I'm interested in the Shea butter, I'll have a look for some of that, and I'll certainly make a trip to Sallys to get the K-pak to try.

Its puzzling, because I treat my hair more kindly than anyone I know treats theirs, I never blow dry, my hair is virgin hair, never coloured, and I never flat iron. I guess my only abuse in recent years has been the hair brush and suphates I used before CG, and of course, the tight bandanas I've now abandoned (except for motorcycle).

Sooo some experiments coming up, I guess.

Thanks for the advice

Liz x
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...

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