Celebrate with me! I'm having my 3rd good hair day in a row!

When I went in for my color this week, I also wound up getting a trim - my first in 4 months (I'm trying to grow my hair longer). Since then, I've been having GREAT hair days! I've been shampooing with Dove Moisturizing, using B2B Pom conditioner, a little re:Coil, and then SMU gel. Put a few clips on top, diffuse, and voila!

Now hopefully it'll last, right? But for now, I sure am happy! Just wanted to share the joy!

That's great!
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Yay, Glad you found something that works for you!
I love when that happens! You're inspiring me to cut mine. So what gel is that?
"For many years the National Pretend Speed Limit was fifty-five miles per hour"--Dave Barry

PW: frizzella
It's Herbal Essences Set Me Up. Great stuff!
Good for you! Doesn't your entire day go well when you're having an awesome hair day??
3B, with oodles and oodles of curly hair!
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Unfortunately, I think my good run has come to an end. The last few days I've been faced with a headfull of frizz. Back to the drawing board.

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