Who's gone to an Aveda Salon?

Did the Aveda stylists actually know how to prep, cut & style your hair?

There's a brand new Grassroots Salon/Spa less than 10 minutes from where I live & I'm thinking about giving them a try.
I went to a place called Douglas J here, with Aveda trained stylists and Aveda products.

I went in and asked if they had anyone who specialized in curly hair. I was told this one woman had mostly curly clients, and everyone asked for her. So I said great, and went to talk to her. I went in with my hair curly, and showed her how the underneath bits are straighter, and needed to be cut shorter because they stick out. I didn't ask about a dry cut, since I figured she knew what she was doing.

So, I got a shampoo and conditioning with the Sap Moss line. And then she just started cutting. It didn't seem any different than any other haircut. She didn't seem to be following my instructions, but no stylist ever does. Why should they? I only deal with my hair every day. :P

But the styling was TERRIBLE. She finished cutting it, and proceeded to slather my head with any product she could lay her hands on. Pomade, gels, creams, sprays... literally 4 or 5 random gunks. She seemed to realize this wasn't going well. She started diffusing my hair, mussing it up with her fingers, and trying to form some curls by wrapping hair around her fingers. It was NOT working. My hair just kept getting bigger and bigger, and frizzier and more disgusting. She sprayed it down with some water, and tried scrunching and diffusing. I told her I normally air-dried my hair, and she said this would form better curls, with all the products and stuff. So I did what I always do at a hairstylists... kept my mouth shut, and repeated over and over in my head, "you can fix it at home, you can fix it at home..."

So she's scrunching and scrunching, and as it's getting poofier, she said, "there's that curl!" I just sort of raised an eyebrow. So she smears some more crap on my hair, and keeps diffusing.

The best part? Toward the end, she said, "if this doesn't end up working for you, come on back and we can fix it." So, that's the only time a stylist has pretty much said, "oops."

When I left, my hair was practically cemented into place, and it was horrible. AND the lengths were wrong, as usual... the straighter bits stuck out ALL over the place.

So, I really didn't enjoy it. I won't be going back.
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I have at a spa.

They didn't have a clue what they were doing, my husband had the worst cut ever, how can a hairdresser possibly mess up a short back and sides?

I think they knew there were crap though, they spent half an hour trying to convince me to by products that would help with my "curl problem"

It only cost an arm and leg for the haircut though, so that was ok
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I went to an Aveda concept salon last time, and I'll be going back. The receptionist told me every one of their stylists can cut curly hair , so I asked for someone that actually HAS curly hair. She's really awesome. She cut very conservatively and asked me along the way what I thought. When she styled it, it looked totally different than when I do it, but it was not bad at all. She used the Be Curly cream ( I usually use gel or mousse) and used very little of it. I didn't have as defined curls as I like, but it looked nice and natural. So I guess my advice is not to ask for someone that just cuts curly hair, but someone who has it and lives with it every day. I don't care how many curls you've cut... if you don't deal with them day in and day out, you just don't know what it's like.
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That's one of the requests I'll make; asking for someone who HAS curly hair because I too was told at another Aveda Salon that ALL their stylists know how to cut curly hair. When I looked around, all I saw were straight-haired stylists & clients.

I'll also be requesting, no, I'll be demanding NO razoring/thinning due to it frizzing hair & making it look like split ends & NO cutting my hair when wet as if I was straight-haired due to it probably becoming shorter as it dries.

I just wanted to see what everyone has to say about Aveda Salons before going to one, so keep those replies coming!
My stylist cut my hair wet ( I actually prefer that), but she paid attention to how curly it was dry to make sure it doesn't come out too short when curly. See, only someone who is a curly themsleves would understand shrinkage well.
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Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. ~ George Carlin
I, too, have been to THREE different Aveda Salons and have mixed opinions.

My first was at Douglas J..just like Leilani42 (she is in my same area). Douglas J has their own stinkin' HAIR ACADEMY, even....they are THE place around here that is "upper-class" like...and even though they have GREAT customer service, overall....they treat their employees like crap.

BUT...anyway....I always walked out of their looking like a poodle. Sure, the curl was magnificent...the CURL ALONE...the style/overall look was like poodle. I swear that place LOVVESSS to just make curls alone...no matter what. They "oohhh" and "ahhh" over curls after they've been diffused to death. YAH..But what about some sort of CONTROL and STYLE with it! I am not a freakin' POODLE!

I went to another that was in East Lansing (Steve Marvin Salon) that is no longer there...and I did like the girl that did my hair, but she really just did a trim since she convinced me to let my hair grow out and be patient with it.

I went to another last February since my mother went there (Lock Works). It was ok when this girl did it....but I surely couldn't do it.

But all of that was before I knew about this sulfate-free jazz and all of that. So maybe that was part of my issues when trying to re-do things myself. I don't know.

The only other thing I really didn't like about ANY of my Aveda experiences was the push of products they want to sell you.

I think it really is a chance you take...like with any salon....it depends on who you get to cut your hair.
I've never had a problem with whatever product the stylist uses on my hair, not even what she/he shampoos & conditions it with, so that part's not going to bother me now.

It's the cut I'm worried about!
I have been to a couple here. Very mixed results. A couple of them were fantastic (though I was wearing my hair straight or slightly wavy back then because I didn't realize how curly my hair actually is) and a couple of them were DREADFUL. I really think it depends on the stylist you get and how willing they are to listen to what you want, and listen to your hair (if that makes any sense!)
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I didn't mind getting my hair cut when wet, with my previous stylist, a curly. But she knew how much my hair would shrink when dry.

When I get a new person who doesn't know what my hair does when dry & gets scissor happy when it's wet, that's what scares me!
I've had my hair cut 3x by the same stylist at an Aveda salon and I think I'm in LOVE. She's the first person EVER to give my hair a decent shape. And oddly, she's a curly who blow dries straight. I found the salon thru the recs on this site although they were recommending the owner, who I couldn't get an appt with. I guess I would keep asking around or try the salons in the listings here. good luck, it is SO important!
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Well, I called my previous stylist twice now. Once mid-March before the salon closed & she didn't return my call so I called her again today. I'm waiting for her to call me back with stylist recommendations since she's now a stay-at-home-mom.
I went to an Aveda salon that was recommended by another curly. She did a great job with the cut, spending a lot of time matching up each side of my head and looking at individual curls; however, she had NO idea how to style my hair. I had flashbacks to years of untrained stylists blow drying my hair with no product after wrecklessly snipping layers and "cut out ears." I was anxious to see how Be Curly worked on my hair, but she put on a very small amount. My hair usually needs quite a bit more product, so I knew things were going awry. She blew it dry right-side-up wildly scrunching my hair with large, deliberate hand motions (the horror!) And as my hair began its endless expansion, I could see the shock in her eyes. She abruptly left me while running from station to station asking for things to "tame" my hair. I warned her that she didn't use enough......so she soaked it with pomade to reduce the size of my puff.

The good news is that the cut was great. I simply wet and restyled when I got home, and I really liked it. But I am not always the best at giving instructions without seeming like I'm better trained than the stylist, so I often keep my mouth shut for fear that I'll upset them and I'll get a bad cut. But I would have loved to have gone back and shown her how I could have styled it. Not sure how that would go over with her.
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