my hair dilemma...

when my hair dries the curls look like they're messy inside (if that makes sence). when i go to sleep and then wake up, that messiness goes away and they're perfect silky curls!! and it's not like i use a satin pillow or anything. it's so unfair... why cant my curls be as nice as they are when i wake up?
The same thing happens to me!! I still haven't figured out how to resolve that.....
Hair type: 3 b/c mix

Products: Elucense MBC, Rusk CurlSilk texture control creme, GF gel, HONEY!
me too, especially if i've put it back in a ponytail or something. what gives?
4a? Maybe. With some 3c too.
New pics added 5/19/09

I like second day hair better than first
Usual routine is Elucence, Giovanni Direct, Fantasia IC.

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