BLACH! Anyone have REALLY bad luck with plopping???

I so tried this today....I really did....after I tossed in the products I had been using. OMG. It was a freakin' HORRIBLE hair-day...had very little girl going on once it was dry...and as the day went on....the curl got straighter.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. I left the tshirt on my head for maybe 40 minutes (since I was also trying to cut down on the air-drying time).

Just a nightmare.

Anyone else this doesn't work for?? And..what do you do to cut down the air-dry time?
Have you seen the demo on the Jessicurl site? She gives instructions on how to do it.
I can't plop to save my life. I'm totally plop impaired. I've watched those jessicurl videos and I tried to do what she does, but my hair always ends up being mashed and snarled. I know there are a few other non-ploppers here, as we've discussed our inability to plop before.
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