Can wavy girls do a short cut?

My hair is wavy now, but I think it could be because it's past my shoulders in length. Is there any hairstyles that I can pull off if my hair goes like 3A curly again when it's cut or if it stays wavy? I'm looking to cut it between my cheeks and chin if you want to know how short I'm thinking about. I just never see many short haircuts with girls that have curly hair ya know? Thanks!
Meg Ryan has had adorable short wavy/curly in a lot of her movies. Maybe you could check out pics of her online?
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It's hard to predict how curly or straight your hair will go when it is short. Sometimes your hair can spring up and get curlier, because there is less weight dragging it down. Sometimes your hair can go straight because you cut it off before the wave pattern starts. You won't know until you try.
Unfortunately, Malory is right. Maybe you could cut it a couple inches longer than you'd actually like to see what it does. Then you could make the decision to go shorter. If you don't want to pay for the first cut, you could do it yourself, and if you like that length, you could have a stylist shape it or even cut shorter. To do a blunt cut, I divide in half--as if I were doing pigtails--and pull each section over the opposite shoulder to the front, and snip straight across. (If I don't go over opposite shoulders, and just pull forward, it will be an angled cut, longer in the back.) At least that way you wouldn't have to pay for two cuts.
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I can say that when my hair is short, it is much curlier than when it is long, but I like it I say think about it for at least a week,and if you want to go for it, go for it. It could always be grown out if it doesn't look cute, but I'm sure it would I love having short hair!
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You could try snipping a "test piece" of hair in an inconspicuous place to see how much your hair springs up when it's shorter.
I just chopped my hair off, and I love it. It definitely bounced up and curled more. It's chin length in the front and angled up a bit in the back. For some reason, I usually I grow it a few inches below my shoulders until I can't take it anymore. It looks like allicats...btw, what products do you use? I have curl envy!!
Hi I use either jessicurl gelebration spray gel combined with a little bit of jessicurl confident coils, or else devachan's gel. My hair is very fine so sprays pretty much work best for me, but angel is not too heavy for my hair. What are you using on your newly short locks?
3a-ish & fine stranded, Botticelli type curls
Currently using low poo/no poo & Ouidad Stylers
Hmmm wish I had fine hair. I have pretty coarse hair, so I've been using Graham Webb curl defining gel. I used to use PM sculpting foam, but I need more hold in the humid weather. If I use something lighter, I don't get the crunch I think I need, I just get less defined frizz. I don't like the crunchy look, but I've found my hair is so crazy I almost don't even have to scrunch it out. Been thinking about using Jessicurl stuff, just haven't bought it yet. Short hair makes me like having curly hair much more, and I think it makes me feel more confident about my curls!!

Do you or anyone else know of a good hold gel?? Tried HESMU and it's not powerful enough for my craziness!
I think ouidad makes a strong hold gel, you might want to check out their web page Good luck!
3a-ish & fine stranded, Botticelli type curls
Currently using low poo/no poo & Ouidad Stylers
thanks! i'll have to check that out!

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