Will decyl glucoside (CoN) remove amodimethicone?

I'm really starting to like a couple of products - GF C&S and Curl Karma - but they both have the a-cone. I'm wondering if CoN will remove any buildup from these products? Decyl glucoside is the only thing I see on there that looks like a surfactant. Or how about lemon-aid/ACV?

I just bought some CK (first time! - I can't wait!!) and some Jessicurl CO's, so I don't want to buy anything else at the moment, like Lo-Poo, unles I really really have to.

Thanks a bunch!
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I had trouble getting amodimethicone buildup out with CoN but I have had good luck with ACV.
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What exactly does amodimethicone build-up look/feel like? I was planning on doing a low-poo or clarifier (the gentlest thing I need to get rid of it) every couple of weeks, but I'd much rather know what the build-up feels like so I can do it on an as-needed basis.
"Things are exactly as they should be, all evidence to the contrary."

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I only use products with the "A-cone" and use CoN. For me it takes care of any buildup I get. I only use it every other day as well, or depending on if my hair feels like it needs shampooed.

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