Boston curlies advice?

While no one's mentioned it here....every single funky curly person I've stopped on the street says they go to Liquid in the South End. I think you may get the closest cut to the one you want there. The curlies I've talked to say the cuts grow out great, too, and the shape is fabulous. Someday I don't feel like schlepping out to Beverly, or I want to try something a little different, I am definitely trying Liquid!
Originally Posted by PianoWire
I saw Wendy at Liquid a while back, and she took a razor to my hair! It ended up being an average cut. I wouldn't go backto her again. I know there is a person with big curly hair who works there, but I don't like his cut & style (I am so hoping he's not reading this), so I wouldn't go to him. Most of the people I know who go to liquid have either long, straight hair, or trendy short cuts, with the exception of 2 curly haired friends (2c-3a) who see Wendy and like her.

I've got to admit, I've been to chicken to make any appointment with anyone at all!
Lots and lots of fine 3b-ish hair.
DevaCurl currently, but exploring new products.
Love the hair!
I'll vote for Cala Rene too, She did a great job on my hair, she's down to earth, and she will take the time to talk to you about what you want done with your hair, she really listens. Because I went about 3 months ago, I can't really remember the price, but it was less than I expected.
I've got to admit, I've been to chicken to make any appointment with anyone at all!
Originally Posted by firelily
I know what you mean. I'm pretty much in the same place. i haven't gotten my hair cut since last September. I desperately need a cut, but I just haven't felt comfortable with anyone yet. I've had so many haircuts that I haven't liked that i'm really nervous. I know i'm going to do something soon, though, since i'm getting really tired of wearing it up.

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