very frustrated with my 3b hair. help!

I have 3a/3b hair and I am sick of it ruling my life. I feel like I have to schedule shower times around my hair because when I sleep on it, it gets messed up. I went to the deva salon and loved it but I can't produce the same results at home. I am a low maintenence person so I am very frustrated it takes a lot of work and it is still too volumous. I am guessing there isnt a relaxer that can make my hair 3a, is this true? Does anyone have any other advice for me?
Hey fellow curly .
Do you have any pics of your hair? It might be easier to help ya out if we can see what your hair looks like. Have a good night.
For some reason BBCode won't work so here is the URL:

I don't think it is huge, but I always feel like it is too big and it make me very self-conscious. I also feel like it isboxy looking because there is no movement.
Hey WildChild88-I think your hair looks REALLY great in that picture. From your post I was expecting not that hot curls. lol sorry! What routine did you do in that pic? Thanks
I know how you feel. I am always so self conscious about my hair, feeling like it's so big but I have to say, I agree with the previous poster. Wildchild your hair is really cute!
3b/c fine, thick, porous, protein sensitive
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