Anyone use the T3 blowdryer?

I got a hair cut today, and I decided to ask my stylist whether she liked her Chi dryer and whether it was worth the high price tag. My hair was soooo soft and it took no time at all to dry it. I know she's a pro, so I should expect slightly better results, but my hair NEVER feels that soft, ever. So I'm chalking it up to the dryer. Well, she said that she does believe that a more expensive professional dryer really is better, and she is definitely not one to hype anything. However, she said that the Chi was just cheaper, but her dream dryer is the T3. She said she couldn't afford to keep replacing it though because she broke two already. So she settled for a Chi.

Does anyone think the T3 is worth the almost $200 price tag?
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I have a T3 blowdryer and I do like it but ... I rarely blow dry my hair and when I do, I only dry it part way. I just don't have the patience or the technique for blowdrying. That said, the T3 is the only blowdryer that has ever seemed to dry my hair fast enough to make it worthwhile. It's also the only dryer that hasn't turned me into a frizzy mess. I have the T3 diffuser and it works well except for the fact that mine seems to fall off pretty easily. I have a big rubber band wrapped around it to keep it on now. I'd recommend this dryer except for the fact that it is so expensive and I'm not sure that there aren't less expensive options out there now.

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I've got a rather expensive (over $100) twinturbo 2800 that I've had for 15+ years, I swear by it and can never use cheap blow dryers or hotel room blow dryers now because of it.

Make the investment, it's worth it.
I have the T3 dryer. I like it a lot. It does dry your hair faster than a regular one. And with no frizz. But that is also because I quit using sulfates in my poo, so that has also helped with the frizz factor too. I got mine on Ebay. If you go to Sephora they are quite a bit more.
When I was blowing my hair dry straight I didn't like the T3 because it didn't have a powerful enough air flow to really straighten the hair. But now that I am wearing my hair curly, I love it. I bought the diffuser and it works really well because the dryer has a very gentle airflow to begin with, and because it is ionic it does dry the hair really fast, and I believe is also less damaging. It is also very light weight, which I think is less of an issue for curly hair, but is definitely a consideration when you're holding a brush and a dryer trying to blow straight hair. I recommend buying it at Sephora and trying it out. I believe they have a very liberal return policy, and if you didn't like it you could bring it back. Good luck.
Wow. It really does seem that people do enjoy it. I always diffuse/blow dry after washing, so I feel that a bigger investment might be warranted (I'm sure my husband would disagree).

Dreamcurls, you may have a good point, if I buy from a store where even though it's not discounted, I can take it back if I don't feel it's worth the hefty price tag. I do see them going for much less on Ebay, but not being able to return it makes me nervous.
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I've always wondered, too, if these dryers were worth the price and any better than the copy-cat "tourmaline" dryers that the cheaper, discount store brands are now making.

I have a Vidal Sassoon blow dryer with tourmaline, ionic, and ceremic, and I like it. I'm still curious about these T3's, though.

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My hairdresser has a T2 (I guess that is one year older model) and yes it does cost about $200. She said to look for ceramic, ionic, etc. if you don't want to spend that much. The really nice thing about her dryer is all the variaitons in temperature and speeds and that it never dries out my hair or burns it. It may also be lighter than the old plastic thing I have at home and the nozzle is a lot smaller.

I'm thinking about it -- time for a new dryer soon though I don't use a dryer that much.

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