Everyday is a bad hair day...

Everyday I try something different with my hair... and it still comes out bleh! I've been trying diff combos of all my combos, different ways of drying, different ways of rinsing, different ways of appyling... I don't know what to do! It either looks too greasy or is all poofy and frizzy. I have (from a different thread):

Activate Hydrating Conditioner
Mop top shampoo and condish
MOP C-system clean shampoo
Jessicurl Too Shea
Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel-OLD!!!
2 hairsprays-bleh
Elucence Clarifying Shampoo
Curl Junkie Thick and Luscious
Aloe Vera gel
Microfiber towel

I won't bother going thru all of the combos I've tried but if anyone has any tips or things that do/n't work for them I'd appreciate it... I know there is a lot I'm not saying, but theres so much I could say... So I'd answer any questions... I think it might have to do with the fact the weather has actually been nice and in the 70s lately.

And... I'm getting the Elucence condish, re:coil, Curl Junkie Coco-milk, and fast food any day now...*jumps up and down* so if you have any suggestions of what you like to do with that stuff

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Have you tried using drugstore products recently? I find that I just need a mid-range moisturizing conditioner, and I get everything else at the drugstore. My hair is probably a bit curlier than yours, since I'm solid 3B when the weather's dry, and 3B/C when it's damp. I still think these products would work pretty well for you, though.

My moisturizing conditioner is Sebastian X-tah (not sure about the spelling, or even if it's still being made) in the orange bottle. It costs about $8. I also like Nature's Gate Organics Red Tea and Asian Pear.

I use any VO5 raspberry conditioner is a great CO-Wash. It leaves my hair coated, yet also cleans thoroughly. I have to use a lot at a time, but it's so cheap it doesn't matter.

I use Abba Nourishing as a leave-in in the winter, but I only use it to touch up next-day hair the rest of the time. Otherwise, it makes my hair fluffy when the weather's dry. Then I use L'Oreal Out of Bed, and a gob Dep 11 gel.

Then I'll plop for 10 minutes to a half hour, and air dry. I get positive feedback on my 4th-day hair with this routine (hey, I'm short on time sometimes).
Hmm... sounds like your routine is a lot more moisturising than mine. My hair seems to get greasy and coated really easily, so I think a routine like yours would way overcondition my hair... but I may have to give plopping another chance.
PW: ihaveafotki
Fotki UPDATED! 12-14-2007
3A-3B layered-longer-than-shoulder-length-not-really-CG
Former Tween Scene Columnist
I had posted about blah hair a while back. At the time, I was using Jessicurl Too Shea or Aloeba. I also tried using the Suave Aloe Vera Gel. My hair looked almost greasy and I knew that it couldn't possibly be.

I've been using B2B Pom (truly does clump like everyone says) and either BRHG or Biolage Gelee (not at all the same but I got the Bioloage on sale and love the smell). Then I airdry and scrunch out the crunch a few hours later. Can't plop if it involved saving my life.

My hair isn't as beautiful as many I've seen on these boards, but it's not too shabby, either. And the blah (greasy-look) is gone, which makes me happy. I think maybe it was the oils in the Jessicurl. Which breaks my heart b/c I SO LOVED JESSICURL!
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I would start by clarifying with the elucence clarifying you already own. Condition with too shea. Keep your routine simple after that, try just towel scrunching and then a bit of gel (I like yellow LA looks). I typically use elucence moisture balancing poo followed by too shea. I then use a tiny bit of Kiehl's leave in followed by a gel. I'm a 2b, hope that helps!
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Try G&S curl and shine. After reading the rave reviews, I tried and can't believe how nice it makes my curls. I started using 4 days ago and wow.
I put it in soaking wet hair, followed by Aura Flax Seed Aloe Gel, scrunch lightly, and then diffuse upside down for about 15 minutes and let the rest air dry. It is pouring here today and I can't believe I don't have any frizz. All this advice came from the great girls on this website. Hope that helps
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I'll try the elucence/too shea combo tomorrow. Hmm... I may have to try the GF curl and shine leave in. Even tho its cheap, I haven't been buying that many drugstore prods lately b/c I get free products from NC.com anyway... thanks for the suggestions!
PW: ihaveafotki
Fotki UPDATED! 12-14-2007
3A-3B layered-longer-than-shoulder-length-not-really-CG
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