Length of showers with curly hair!?

My shower takes about 30 minutes on wash day. On days that I don't wash my hair, I put on a shower cap and it takes me about 10 minutes. Now that my hair is getting longer, I've been about to do 2nd and even 3rd hair day! So, I have been washing only 2-3x's a week, which means shorter showers!
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I have my body hair waxed. I couldn't imagine having to shave every day. That's way too much time and trouble.
Not sure exactly how long I take, but most of the time I use up all the hot water and have to rinse my hair in warm water. I like to leave in my condish as long as possible.
Originally Posted by heavengirl410
Same here. I guess on average it's a minimum of 30 on days I wash my hair. I usually let my condish sit on no less than 5 minutes, but preferably longer. What takes time is finger-combing and detangling. What I often do, is wash my hair over the side of the tub with the shower cord, add the condish, and then if I have time i'll fill up the tub and take a bath while the condish is on, then rinse. If not, I still prefer to do it all on the side of the tub because I waste less water that way due to the fact that the rest of my body isn't wet and therefore I don't have to leave the hot water on just to keep myself warm. So Pixie, I know what you're talking about, and that's my way around it. Then I get in and take the rest of my shower quickly.
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Twenty minutes in the shower. My routine is:
shampoo hair
condition hair
leave conditioner in whilst i wash my face with cleanser
wash body
shave once a week, so thats the one time i leave the conditioenr in for longer
rinse out conditioner
rinse my back as it can get a bit rough from all the hair product on it.

but after the shower i take another 5 mins applying hair product, 5 mins finishing off my face care, then 10 mins applying body creams. i do all that whilst plopping.

so over all, from start of shower to finish of hair and body care, about 40 mins.

my hair is fine and doesnt tangle so brushing it out only takes a min really. but i do like to take time pampering myself, its sometimes the only 'me' time i get all day.

and i wash my hair maybe 2-3 times a week.

ETA: i just realised that some people shave daily and must think i go around like a hairy monster if i only shave once a week. but i have very fine white blonde leg hairs which grow is pretty slowly. and shaving armpits doesnt count as that takes literally 20 seconds. just to clear that up

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Probably about 20-25 min in the shower, then another ten for scrunching, products, getting dressed etc
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i guess it depends on what i'm doing. i'd say about 20 minutes if i don't shave. if i do then it's probably around 45 and i'm probably also using my awesome exfoliating stuff. i like to wash my hair first and leave in the conditioner and then my face and wash everything else and then rinse off my face and then my conditioner. it works out nicely. if i'm in a hurry then it's like 5-10 minutes
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since we all seem to have lengthy routines...i was just curious how long it takes you gals to shower. i enjoy showering but i think i am taking too long! i only wash my hair once every 5 days or so because it is really long, extremely thick and dry...when i wash, i take a whole hour in the shower!
Originally Posted by curlytwirly
Oh I have the exact same problem, I dread taking showers just because it takes FOREVER!! I usually end up taking 30 to 45 min...but I just cut all my hair off (I posted pics in the "New Summer Cut" thread), so I'm excited that it should take a lot less time now, lol!!
If I'm just taking a shower to get clean (rather than an OMG, it's April in New England and I'm still freezing and the only way to get warm is to let piping hot water flow over me in the shower), then it usually takes less than 10 minutes. A little bit more if I've let my hair go for too long and it's tangly.

Once out of the shower, I probably take another 15 minutes if I have to be somewhere (if not, I'll just be lazy and hang out in my robe). I plop my hair in a head wrap, moisturize, get dressed, take my hair down to let it air dry and go.

For reference, my hair is BSL when dry, and very fine, but there's tons of it.
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If I'm washing my hair, I probably take 15 to 20 minutes. I do a lot: shampoo, condition, comb out tangles, brush my teeth, wash my face (sometimes using a scrub), and shave. The bulk of the time is spent dealing with the loose hair, though, because I only shampoo twice a week.
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