need a volunteer...someone near an Ulta w/ a digital camera

I need a volunteer. I'm trying to get a few final ingredient lists, and I don't have any locations that carry these products near me. I've been taking digital pics (one of the front of the container so I know what the ingreds are for and then several of the ingredients--since many wrap around the bottle). I've found no flash does best. Then I type up the ingreds based on zooming up to the photos.

Anyone willing to let me PM them a list of products that I need ingreds for still? I'd really appreciate it! I have officially exhausted this one-horse, Ulta-less town.
Have you tried googling for the ingreds list?
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Lots...the really, really tough brand to find is L'Anza. ISO's pretty challenging too, as is Joico when it's not part of the K-Pak line.

It's not a lot of products I'm looking for, just enough to need some help.

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