I've made a huge mistake...my scissors should be confiscated

Well, I'd been kinda frustrated with my hair recently, and one afternoon, in a raging fit of reckless behavior, I chopped it off. I don't know why. I tend to do that, but I'd been trying to grow it out for SO long!

I like it more than the last time I got it cut at a salon, but I still REALLY don't like it. It's mushroom-y and blech and horrible.

Getting it fixed in a salon is not really an option for me, since all they do is berate me for cutting my own hair, make it even shorter, and don't listen to me when I try to describe the different curl patterns. I think I'd like it even less than I do now if I got it "fixed."

Here are some pictures... TAKE HEED, FELLOW CURLIES! Do not cut your hair out of boredom!

So I'm pretty much stuck with hair I hate for the next several months. Yay.

so, is it as bad as I think? Be honest. Also, any suggestions on how to fix it?
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here are some better shots... my hair doesn't really look as bad as it does in those pics.

please forgive the dirty mirror on that last one.

eta: thanks, Blush! I really liked it at first, then started hating it. Maybe I was just in a bad mood.
modified CG since July 2004.
searching for products that work...
I don't think it looks horrible either, I can see why it would seem very short to you, compared to before, but i think that the shorter curls in front really do look cute, and frame your face nicely, and your curlls looks really healthy.
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz


But then again, too few to mention...
I think it's cute! And just think, it's perfect for summer! No hot heavy hair on your neck. AND you'll save a bundle on conditioner.

I tend to get sick of my hair and just cut it myself, too. Now I have a system in place. I keep an index card which I use to measure as I chop. I can't cut shorter than the index card.
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Wow! You did that cut yourself?! Man I wonder if I could cut my own hair! Did you use some Sally's shears or something? I cut my fiance's but I never thought to cut mine. How'd you get to the back? Thanks!
Looks pretty darn good for a "bad" haircut! It'll grow back and like Castella said, it's PERFECT for summer
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I think it looks cute too. I did the same thing you did about 3 years ago or so... I was trying to grow out some hair that was damaged by bleach (highlights). But before that, during a deep conditioning treatment I combed through my curls and the bleached ends broke up... I ended up having some bangs... which I still have. I think God was trying to tell me I look better with bangs.
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I think it's cute, too. I can't believe you did it yourself, I'd never be able to do such a great job!
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omg, its sooo cute on you and looks perfect from the back, something I could NEVER master with home haircuts
Pretty damn good for a DIY job. I paid $90 for the same haircut at Devachan a couple of years ago. Maybe I should have just paid you?

Your hair is nice and non-frizzy and you will be cool in the summer and in the end, it will grow back. It always does.

Btw, love the Holy Grail poster.
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gee, I wasn't expecting to get such an overwhelmingly positive response! I think I like it again!

Well, thanks for all the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Fluffy01: no, I didn't use special shears. Just regular ol' office scissors.

I cut it dry, just pulling locks out and snipping them. Same with the back, but going mostly by feel... just pulled bits out and if they were lots longer, I snipped. That's one nice thing about curly hair... it's much more forgiving with home haircuts.

Thank you all, again. I feel much better.

And Spacegirl: gotta represent the MP love.
modified CG since July 2004.
searching for products that work...
I thinks it's adorable and looks great on you!

I've cut my own hair for about 30 years and I still screw it up once in awhile. But it's still better than any salon cut I've had.
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Your hair is gorgeous! Shut up already! :P

I was so focused on your beautiful hair that I missed the poster . . . now I feel like a really bad MP fan. What am I talking about? I am a bad MP fan! I've never seen The Life of Brian!
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But we're STILL adjusting.
I think it's very cute. Can't believe you did it on your own. Way to go!
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I like the cut - it's original and funky and really suits your face. Beautiful!
Ya know Leilani - I like your hair better short.
You can really see your pretty face.
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There's not much I can add to this except that I've cut my hair that short before so I know where you're coming from! I agree with all of the above posters. It does look really cute on you! I think it suits your face.
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I love it, Leilani, & still can't believe you did it yourself!! It looks adorable on you I agree with the others - it'll be nice & cool for summer.

BTW, I've been taking 5000 mcg of biotin for quite a few months now, & I need to quit! My hair is growing way too fast - I used to go 6 months between highlight appts & now I desperately need them by 3 months tops!!!
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It's certainly not as bad as you think! The back is super cute. I can't believe you did that yourself either!
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