So yesterday I had my much awaited trip to the salon.
I was really excited because this pregnancy has been playing havoc with my curls.
I needed the old highlights blended in to my natural colour, I decided I wanted quite a bit taken off because the ends were stragley and I wanted a chunkier look.

So in I went and I had to have it washed first because it was "greasy" apparently, I gave up trying to explain that I had only washed it yesterday and had left in all of the conditioner so that's why it felt coated.
After 2 very hard scrubs I returned to the "chair" to have it dryed by a junior I was cringing as she ran the comb through my hair and just pulled out any tangles, she contnued to rough dry it and I can only describe the end look as witchy.
Then it was time to have the colour applied to the mid lenghts and ends, which involved lots of vigourous rubbing of my hair. I couldn't bear to watch.
After 25 mins I was ready to have the tint washed out another 2 hard scrubs and they left some condish on for 5 mins.
My hairdresser knew what I wanted and began snipping away, she took about 3 inches off the ends and trimmed my shorter layer.
I told her to style it for me, I knew I was probably going to have to redo it, but was going out for a birthday meal last night and wanted to give her a chance. She brought over a tube of Paul Mitchell Gel and after spraying my hair down ran some thorugh, then she spent ages twisting bits that she said she thought weren't as curly as the rest, by now I was thinking this could actually turn out quite well. Then she diffused it.
What a mess, but I knew that would happen and was more curious about the gel. Which had no alcohol denat in it, she told me she hadn't used Curls Rock Amplifier because she had run out, but told me that putting it on my hair would make no difference at home because it's heat activated and I dont blow dry. I had never heard this and am not sure I believe her, but left with a bushy head and the gel, damn my PJ.
At home I promtly rinsed and left in my condish and added some of the new gel. It didn't look bad last night but today it needed a refresh by about 2pm and when I did this it just frizzed up. So I'll stick with my HG Curls Rock I think and am yet to use it on the new cut, but I like my new chunky ends I just want to grow it a bit more.
The pic of my hair is in my fotki and I will post more tomorrow once I've got this crap out and used my HG.
BTW if anyone wants to try some new gel I'll happily send it out.
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