Just a few CG/no-poo questions...

Okay, so I got a haircut by a Deva-trained stylist a few weeks back and haven't blow-dried or straightened my hair since. I did not go full CG on it yet as I figured with about 10 different bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the shower my husband would kill me if I just threw it out or left it sitting there from here on out!!

Now I'm down to two sets of shampoo/conditioner. One is just good old Suave and it's gonna be gone here in the next few days. The other is special for those rare occasions when I do straighten my hair, so that I can leave in there indefinately.

My question is this...I bought a couple conditioners yesterday for co-washing...I made sure I did not get anything with sulfates or 'cones...but am not really sure if there is anything else I should steer clear of. I bought the Suave Daily Clarifying conditioner and the Suave Naturals Citrus Smoothie conditioner. Does anyone know if these are good ones for co-washing?

Also, I did try the no-poo thing for 3-4 days before and I noticed that my hair seemed too greasy near the scalp, even with co-washing. Should I invest in some low-poo or no-poo to deal with the greasy feeling, or just tough it out (as I've heard the first couple weeks can be a bit yuck)?

I also had been using Paul Mitchell products on my curls for about 5 years. The morning after my Deva cut I pulled out those products and they were just chock full of 'cones...so I haven't been using them...just using some Herbal Essences mousse. I do know that gels are preferred for the CG routine...can anyone give me some good ideas for a good gel that won't break the bank?
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The two conditioners you mentioned are fine for co-washing. VO5 is also a popular brand of co-wash conditioners. As far as other ingredients, you want to avoid SD alcohol and alcohol denat. since it's pretty drying. Also mineral oil is a common build-up culprit. As far as the greasy feeling, my advice would be to 1) scrub harder/longer when you co-wash, 2) rinse thoroughly before you condition, and if that doesn't work 3) an ACV rinse or baking soda scrub. I use about a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water and leave that in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing. Good luck and keep us posted!
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