Is this a ridiculous idea?

I always cut my hair at the start of the summer. This year, I've become fixated on getting a victoria beckham-like bob, with the front long and tapering up in the back to her nape. I think this style makes her face look longer/leaner which would be great for my round face/chubby cheeks.

I know that style is really meant for "straight, sleek" hair" and I would have considerably more volume, especially in the back. However, I love big hair, especially since I have really thin fine hair. And my hair can lie semi-flat especially in the front where it would be longer/have more weight.

Also in january I went through this period where I wanted to wear my hair straight (blown out with a blow dryer, then flat ironed) and in a fit of crazy I asked my stylist to cut my hair in a way that would accomodate this. She ended up thinning out a lot of my hair on the bottom to reduce the pyramid effect I was getting (even with straight hair). Now that I'm sane again and have gone back to wearing my hair curly, I feel like the ends are so thin and pathetic looking.

So with my hair texture is this a ridiculous idea? Be honest. I really trust the wisdom/judgment of these boards more than I do my stylist.
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Nope, it's not a completely ridiculous idea, but I would move forward cautiously. A 3A curly got this kind of cut (if I'm understanding your description), and it looks really cute. With your hair, I bet you'd get a lot more shrinkage where it's cut shorter, so maybe have it cut dry? Or start out with just a small angle (only a little shorter in the back), and make the angle sharper if you decide you do like it. Your hair is really cute, btw! Good luck!
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I don't know if it works with 3c hair, but my mother is a 3a/b and wears her hair like that. It's very short at the back and almost chin-length at the front, but with some layers and bangs to frame her face. It looks really good on her and it would certainly look good on you. But I would have it cut dry for that cut.

(btw I love your hair, it's so shiny!! )
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If you have it cut dry to take shrinkage into account, I think it could work. You hair seems to lay quite nicely and even though it won't look like hers (of course) it could look really cute w/ a slight angle. Nothing too sharp or drastic though and beware of going too short or having it cut wet. Remember, you can always have a little more taken off, but you can't put it back on.
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Thanks everyone. I no longer feel like I want the impossible. I don't know why summer always makes me want a drastic hair change. Last year, I went from having mid-back length hair with no layers to very layered hair that was so short I could only get the top half into a little "samurai" ponytail.

Thanks for all the compliments. Y'all have boosted my ego 1000%, seriously. And yes, kiekok, Shear Genius is what probably set off my bob-fixation.
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If you want to see 'em, password is jabberwocky.

Don't mean to guano but another Shear Genius watcher here! And I normally don't watch a lot of reality shows but if it's about hair, I'm there! I kind of miss Blow Out...he was such a drama queen!
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