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I'm really new to this curly girl thing, but I've just got to say I'm more than glad it's ok to use brands like Suave and VO5. I've been staying away for years, despite all the appealing scents (and sentimentality from my middle school years). I really like those conditioners for CO washes.

I'm still missing some products on my way to being more curl friendly, though. (Woman cannot live on light conditioner alone...) Does anyone have any recommendations for a good deeper conditioner, and/or a leave-in? (Or even a warning against any bad ones?)
My only problem with the list is it seems very heavily weighted toward the expensive brands, and it doesn't really mention anything about products made to be leave-in or DT type formulas. Those are the main ones I'm baffled about.
You may not have time to mess about, but you can whip up some pretty good homemade DT's in the kitchen.

I know Aussie do a DT that is CG, in the UK it's called 3 Minute Miracle, it's not expensive and is very thick.

Remember also you don't have to buy a separate leave in. I use sulphates and very thick conditioners, I never rinse my conditioner out. But you may risk getting overconditioned if you left heavy ones in, you could leave in the one you use to cowash.

Not sure how helpful this is, I'm just trying to throw different options into the mix. Hope it helps though x
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I find that if I'm just cowashing, I really don't need a DT, and I don't use leave ins, I just make sure to not rinse ALL the conditioner out when I'm in the shower.

However, there have been some good reviews about Garnier Fructis Deep conditioner - I believe the one with the green cap is CG, but check the ingredients just to be sure.

I wouldn't bother with any drugstore leave in, b/c I can't think of one that won't leave your hair sticky or producty. Use a bit of your regular conditioner mixed w/ some water, or apply it to soaking wet hair, before you blot your hair out.

It really depends on HOW CG you're going. If you're not using any shampoo at all, then you want to be sure to stay away from ALL cones. If you are occasionally shampooing, or using a gentle poo, you can use things that have some of the lighter cones. Garnier Fructis has only Amodimethicone in it's conditioners - many girls like the Curl and Shine, but I prefer the Length and Strength or Sleek and Shine.

A lot of people also like the GF leave in creams, which also only have amodimethicone in them.
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...Remember also you don't have to buy a separate leave in...
...Use a bit of your regular conditioner mixed w/ some water, or apply it to soaking wet hair, before you blot your hair out...
I agree with pitgirl and babywavy... I used to be seriously hooked on the separate leave-in thing and it was with major hesitation that I finally tried the recommendation to just reapply a bit of whatever conditioner I was using to my soaking wet hair, before I blotted/scrunched, but it totally works! I'm still in search of my HG conditioner, but I'm done with the search for a separate leave-in thing.

BTW, the Activate Hydrating Conditioner that's recommended on Laurabeth's list is available at drugstores for about $6 and I like it alot.
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I think both the GF sleek & shine and curl & shine leave-ins are worth trying. I like the sleek & shine better in the humid summer weather we're having now, and curl & shine in the winter. Garnier is frequently on sale around here. If it's the same where you are, it makes it really reasonable to try out the product. For me, a very little is all I need, so one bottle lasts a very long time.

Instead of a conditioner deep treatments, I use a light oil. I have the Jessicurl oil mix, but plain jojoba - from the health food store - works well, too. I rub a little between my palms and then smooth it through my hair before bedtime. In the morning I wash it out - co-washing should work, althought I use a non-sulfate shampoo. Jojoba is very similiar to the natural oils your scalp produces, which is why it doesn't need harsh shampoos to get out. I do this about once a week in the winter. Now that summer is here, I'm finding that I don't need to do it as frequently.
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So I found the Aussie 3 min miracle (Original formula) and I'm going to give that a try. I'll hold off on the leave-in thing for a while and see how it goes first.

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