curl enhancment + volume?

I don't really post, but I have gotten lots of great ideas on the site. I just got a new hair cut and it looks really great shape-wise as big as I can get it- think seventies shoulder lenght circular shag with long bangs. I have spent many a year trying to minimize volume, and normaly use curl creams and pomades. Now that I need volume, I am at a loss!

My hair has recently morphed from a light to reasonable 3b to a 3a or 2 somthing. I have very fine color treated (red) hair, and now that there is no curl, volume is also harder to acheave. I also recently switched to Jessicul poo and condish, using cleansing cream and switching between too shea and aloeba. Coinsidence? probably not, but I still have lots left from recent reorder so I might keep using it.

I would love a styler that would enhance my curl and give me light wieghless fro-like volume, but without the classic fro lack of curl patten. sort of seventies meets eighties without being stiff with hairspay. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys, and I love reading the site- esp. all the beautiful hair pics!
Maybe a mousse would help you? I just used one yesterday (Curls Up by FX), and I love the results. My 3b hair which has been less curlier than usual is back in full force. Lots of volume, tighter curls and not at all frizzy. Unfortunately for me, it has cones, and I'm on CG. That shouldn't be a problem for you.

Let me know if you come up with anything else! I'm really into having my hair be as big as possible right now.
Lots and lots of fine 3b-ish hair.
DevaCurl currently, but exploring new products.
Love the hair!
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I'm wondering whether your hair is getting overconditioned. Why don't you try skipping the Too Shea and sticking with just Aloeba for a few days, and see what happens? You could always use your Too Shea as a deep treatment (it's great for that) or put some just on your ends.
I would try diffusing upside down, plopping and clipping at the roots for volume.

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