sedusa diffuser


I am thinking of purchasing this, and was wondering what people who have used it think of it. I've heard that it gives increased curl formation, is this true? Is it easy to use? Is it best to diffuse until the hair is completely dry? Thanks.
Hi, dreamcurls.
You can do a quick search for *Sedusa*, and that will give you some good information. It seems like you either love it or you hate it. I love mine. I think it does increase curl formation for me, and, it would be ideal if I had time to diffuse until completely dry, but I get decent results drying about 75-80%. Some people say their hair gets tangled around the coils, but I haven't had a problem (and my hair gets caught on everything!). You just have to be careful & slowly remove your hair from the diffuser. The thing is huge-which is great 'cause it fits all my hair in the bowl at once, but it's a terrible thing if you want to take it when you travel. In general, I am very happy with it-more spirally, volumy, less frizzy curls. But use the search option for a broader spectrum of opinions. HTH...
I have a Sedusa and don't like it at all.

When I use my regular diffuser I use it with my dryer on high and heat on high. Drying my hair with warm air creates frizz . The size of the Sedusa is such that I feel like my hair never gets "hot" - just like I am drying it with lukewarm air, which, for me, equals bad results.

Plus I have so much hair it would literally take me an hour to dry my hair with this thing.

So again, I used it twice, and threw it in a drawer!
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