What makes your curls get smaller?

I had taken to rinsing my hair through with a small amount of very cold water before I apply my gel, which I remember reading would help close your cuticle and form clumps. I noticed after a few days of this, however, that my curls, which are overal the size of fan pens, would get even smaller, like thin pencils. Oodles and oodles of thin pencils. I don't love this look, at least not at my current length. So I quit the cold rinses, and got the old curls back.

I noticed that the water in Chicago also had this effect, making my small curls tiny.

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? What makes your curls change size?
for me, a multitude of things: humidity, the type of gel i use.....
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diffusing my hair makes it really, really tight. some products and humidity also do it.
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humidity, diffusing, a shorter length than I have now (but not too short, because it loses curl at a certain point)
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