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I have been coloring my hair for 10 years or more..not because I want to but because its premature gray!! I have an awful time getting it to color the gray unless I go very dark on top (that makes the bottom way darker)..Then I decided to just do my roots, but I have a problem with my hair holding the color for more than a few weeks..Someone mentioned to use a pre treatment (that opens the hair shaft or something like that?) then the color would take better...Has anyone heard of doing that? I use light ash brown on the bottom and medium ash on the top..
First, if you're using a color with ammonia and/or peroxide, that could explain fading. You might look into Color by Robert Craig:

It's a permanent color but ammonia and peroxide free, and gentle. You shouldn't have to refresh the ends but every 2-3 times.

Next, you may want to go over to the "Coloring you hair" forum. You can find tons of info on RC and other colors there.

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Oh I sympathize.

You might have hair like me and have very resistant grey. My greys only stay covered for a short time too.

A pre treatment is essentially developer (peroxide) that is placed on the grey hairs and then left for a bit on the hair (either with heat or without)before applying the dye formula.

This opens the cuticle on the hair shaft allowing the grey to absorb the dye.

Its really like a pro salon kind of thing, as its hard to get the developer only on the grey at home.

What kind of color are you using?
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I go between Loreal creme excellence and Feria. I used the same color for several years and all of a sudden the back was darker than the front and the front didnt take good...I finally realized that you have to only do the roots a few times then do the whole thing....Its kind of bad now. I just got back from Vegas and a friend told me my hair was great---all I needed was a $5 box of color--Imagine that (if she only knew what we went through) I cant find a good curly hair stylist here in Charleston SC...When I get color it doesnt look any better than if I do it myself..not to mention it costs way less.

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