Help fellow curl friends!!

My hairdresser cancelled on me for sat, where i was supposed to colour and cut my hair, which is totally showing the ugly roots and i mean they are about 2 inches outgrown and my hair is in need of a serious cut and i refuse to go too anyone else. Well i have a very important get together that night, does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do thats easy and really cute?, websites, suggestions, would help me out soo mucH!!

Thanks ladies!!!!!!!!!
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I'd suggest some kind of updo, on the messy side. And did you know there is "hair mascara" available at beauty supply shops, to temporarily cover roots?
What if i did something with a curling iron, would i put product?..and then let it dry and do the curling iron, i find that my hair is getting really straight underneath and really flat at the top and i need something really nice for sat

as for the updo what do u suggest, im horrible with hair.!!!!
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Someone will have to help us out here, since I rarely put my hair in updos!

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