How does Angell hold up in the summer?

Its almost time to order more Angell but if it doesn't hold up well in high heat/high humidity climates I might hold off. Would ArcAngell be a better summer option?
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In my experience, Angell does not have enough hold for humid weather. Arc Angell is better. I have to use a lot of it, though, so I find that other gels are more cost-effective for results that are just as good.
I mix Angell with a little BRHG for the summer and it holds great.
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I used Angell today. It was humid as a _____, and my hair was one undefined pouf. Felt great but looked like butt.
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I've never tried Angell but ArcAngell holds up pretty well for me in hot/humid condtions.
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Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
I finally got ArcAngell to work for me, but I used about a golf-ball size blob and left in almost all of my One C, so I'm not sure if that was the key or not, but I had great hair for 2 days.
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I swear by Angell alone in the winter months, but once the humidity hits I have really come to love B'Leave-In before the Angell. I just rub it between my palms and run them down my hair, then scrunch it in. THEN do the usual Angell routine. I know that sounds producty, but everything dries soft and resists the worst humidity. I only do this a couple times a week too.

I have super super dry, 2C/3A hair, so YMMV.
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I mix Angell with a little BRHG for the summer and it holds great.
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I've been doing this myself and I'm loving the results. It's a lot crunchier that just with the Angell but once I scrunch the crunch out, I have gorgeous curls.

I've also been using the B'Leave In under this combo with good results too. I'll know more once the humidity really kicks in, but I used to used the BRHG on it's own in the summer, so I imagine that this combo will work.

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