Product comparable to HE Humidity Defying Gel??

Is there anything out there that compares to this. I really loved this stuff, & sense it's been discontinued, I'm a mess. Is there any other drugstore product out there comparable to this??
I need your recs please! Help me....I'm frizzing....
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I still have tubes of CHE HDG but since using AO Mandarin Magic Jelly, haven't touched them. I don't know if that's comparable. For me the AO MM is better as I am getting 2nd-3rd day hair. It's available at Vitamin Shoppe chain, Whole Foods, as well as on line.
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Laurabeth33 said the new Suave Basics gels are very good for curl formation and clumping -- the "Mega" (hold number sounded most comparable to HEHDG. (Though she didn't say that specifically.)

I haven't found it in the store yet, but I'll surely be trying it since LB gives good advice! The ingredients are low in proteins compared with HEHDG, so that would be a plus for me if it works similarly otherwise.

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