The Frizz Cure?

Are you sure they dont use the same chemicals that they do in straightening stuff? It seems like, unless the treatment was all natural, they would have to use some harmful chemicals.
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This is what the frizz cure website says about the product.

"FrizzCure is a salon chemical service which permanently* eliminates frizz and reduces frizzy volume, increases shine and manageability, and reduces drying time and humidity effects. Using Hydroxyl Reshaping, FrizzCure allows you to win the fight against frizz...permanently.

FrizzCure is milder than classic relaxers and straighteners, all of which alter the disulphide bonds between the beta-keratin proteins in the hair's core. Instead, FrizzCure acts on the hydrogen bonds between the alpha-keratins, leaving the disulphide bonds virtually untouched."

I'm going to assume that it's probably not great for our hair, but I coud be wrong.
I'm less broke, but still thrifty. Show me the budget-friendly, quality products.
So, I got it done today, but won't be able to wash it for 24 hours - the stylist suggested even waiting 48 hours if possible (no problem!). I had seen some website (that i can't find now) that was rather scientific and explained how FrizzCure worked - the basics of what I got from it is that because of the shape of each strand of curly hair, it allows the hair to absorb water. The FrizzCure is able to stop the chemical reaction that allows hair to absorb water and poof-out by plugging the holes in the hair shaft that let water in.

Anyway - the whole thing took about 2 hours including two very thorough rinses. They first washed my hair, towel dried it, and then applied a protective cream around my hair line. Then the treatment started - they sectioned my hair out and first sprayed each section with the first step, then gloped on the second step which was about the same consistency of hair bleach. Section by section it went through. Each section was combed out straight until my whole head was done. I sat there I think for about 10 minutes - no stinging or burning and there wasn't an awful smell either. Then they rinsed me out for a good 5 minutes with hot water, then applied the neutralizing solution which stops the FrizzCure process and conditions the hair. That was on for about 15 minutes. It basically ran like getting a straight perm. They rinsed me again and that was it! I opted to get my hair blowdried straight since I always treat myself when i get a hair cut.. Now it's wait two days and then wash and see what happens! I did have a little bit of skin irritation where the solution got around the protective cream, but that went away in a half hour.

I asked a bunch of questions of the stylist. She said people with "virgin" hair are the best candidates while people with damaged and dyed hair have results that end up showing the damage in their hair more since the frizz was previously hiding that. She said about 90% of people who have come in to get the treatment have been THRILLED with the results, and the 10% that weren't happy were usually the gals with damaged hair. She said it will take out some of the volume and poof factor that comes with frizz, but I'll still keep my curl. They suggest to do the treatment once or twice a year and get it in the summer so that it's combatting the high-frizz season, and then let it go during winter (This is Philadelphia, PA and the winters are dry and cold!). While I was getting mine done, another three people cycled through getting the treatment, and a gal who had gotten hers done a few weeks ago and said it was fantastic.

Other articles/links - the place where I got it done, and the article that was written about it - their before & after pictures of one of their clients. Naturally, anyone can make hair look that straight and perfect at the salon! - more on the science around the FrizzCure
Another update! I talked to my brother last night about the science around the treatment to see if it was damaging.. He's a smart guy and has studied biology/chemistry in college and is currently going for his masters.
Apparently, unlike straightening treatments that "break" your curls, this treatment doesn't break anything. He said it gets a little into quantum physics (all that for hair?!), but the end result is that you get "lazy" hair since the proteins in your hair can't be chemically bothered to absorb moisture and frizz out like it did before the treatment. Still curly since no protein bonds are broken, just lazy - no harsh chemicals involved, no pH change, just heavier, lazier hair. One more day till I can wash and see what happens. Will post all the pictures then!
Another update! I talked to my brother last night about the science around the treatment to see if it was damaging.. He's a smart guy and has studied biology/chemistry in college and is currently going for his masters.
Apparently, unlike straightening treatments that "break" your curls, this treatment doesn't break anything. He said it gets a little into quantum physics (all that for hair?!), but the end result is that you get "lazy" hair since the proteins in your hair can't be chemically bothered to absorb moisture and frizz out like it did before the treatment. Still curly since no protein bonds are broken, just lazy - no harsh chemicals involved, no pH change, just heavier, lazier hair. One more day till I can wash and see what happens. Will post all the pictures then!
Originally Posted by alysania
please keep us updated. I can't wait to see the pics.

Frizz Happens!

my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

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Do you know if you can do other treatments after this - like straightening - if you wanted to? Also, do you know if blowing dry straight will be easier/quicker?

Thanks for keeping us informed - i can't wait to see the pics, too.
Max: I know that you can dye it after the Frizz Cure treatment, but I'm not sure about straightening it. Best to call and ask a salon that does the treatment. I can tell that it's easier to blow-dry straight (I can't do it myself, I'm never able to get it right) because it's not as curly and not as insane as it used to be. It's kinda like going from being tight-laced, formal, in a suit at an interview and standing up straight to being in a tank top, sandals and an old pair of cut-off jean shorts, swinging your legs around in the water off a dock.

Like my brother, the science geek, said. Heavier, Lazier Hair. That's exactly what I got.

Before: I was between 3a and 3b and had telephone cord-like spirals. A halo of frizz would end up appearing around my head by noon, and I usually ended up with a pony tail after the gym because I just got so frustrated.

After: I'm between 2a and 2b - I still have spirals and baby-soft fine hair, but it's not nearly as wound-up as it used to be. I'm close to the end of the work day and even after going to the gym and using a whole hell of a lot less product in the morning (just to test it), I don't have that nasty frizz halo. I still have a little bit of frizz, but not as ridiculous as it used to be (and I think that what's left is just a result of previous damage and natural fly-aways)

It does take away the frizz - not 100%, but it's FAR better than it was before. It will take away volume and some curl if you have fine/thin hair. If you don't want to change anything about the curl, then this isn't for you - it will take some of the spring out of your 'do. It probably works best on the really difficult to manage super-tight curls. I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed that it took away that much of my curl (and that I clearly need a new haircut as a result). I also have to re-think my morning curl-routine to have less-weighty products involved! It's different, and it'll take some time getting used to, but over all, I think it was worth it! The after photos I know don't look that great, but I'm still getting used to the change and it might take me a few washes to get it the way I want it.. the old stuff I used on my super-curly hair just doesn't work right on the new not-so-curly hair!

All of them can be seen together on Flickr here:



Alysania - thanks so much for the info and the pics. i like the way it looks both ways! i hope you'll keep us informed - and let us see what it looks like as you make changes - i'd really love to know.
Great info! But, since I see there is a loss in curl formation, plus it is best on virgin hair, I would not do it. My hair is dyed, and I prefer my curls tighter than wavier.
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Very Interesting, iono I'm a lil skeptical on how it would work on my hair it almost sounds like a glorified texturizer or silkner I wonder how well it would work on my hair being a 3c/4a curly
I think your hair looks nice either way, but if it's easier for you to care for this way, then more power to ya!

But there is a major loss of curl for a product that claims not to change your curl pattern. Seeing how I spend my time and money on products and methods that enhance my curl, this would definitely not be for me.
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I'm not sure if this is the same thing but it sounds somewhat similar. I was bored and I decided to look at the straightening/relaxing discussion board (I don't want to straighten, but I would like to get the de-volumizing and de-frizzing and possibly looser curl pattern that frizz cure supposedly offers). This one product kept getting mentioned and had rave reviews from people who wanted to completely straighten their hair or people who just wanted to de-frizz it, or loosen the curls by varying degrees. It's called curlaway and it's a "natural relaxer" and I noticed that both the expensive Frizz Cure treatment (which apparently has changed owners and will soon be called the hydroxyl reshaping treatment. go figure) and the $20 Curlaway worked in a similar fashion by not breaking the bonds within the hair and damaging it or the curl pattern too much, instead altering they hydroxyl group. According to the site for curlaway:

"Curlaway Curl Relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds in the keratin protein of your hair, not S-S bonds like conventional, high-pH relaxers.

The effect is cumulative – the more you use Curlaway gel, the straighter your hair becomes. Stop using the products whenever you are happy with the texture of your hair. Restart the treatment when your hair starts to recurl, or if summer humidity calls for more control.

On African-American hair, the result is a successful “touch-up” of chemically-relaxed hair, or hair that is softer, easier to comb and amazingly responsive to flat irons, heat curlers or wands, eventually eliminating the need for chemical relaxation to get the look you want. "

Some people use it as a relaxer, some as a simple texturizer, and some not to alter the curl pattern but just reduce frizz and volume, and make it softer and shinier. I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with it and if it works as well as people say it does. I'm getting my hair lightened and colored this tuesday but I'd like to be able to flaunt my new color with my hair open (I usually pull it back everytime I wear it open because it shrinks from my armpit level to about my chin level and gives a nasty triangle of frizz that's too much for me to handle) and luckily this product is not a chemical procedure so it won't damage my hair and can be put on top of pre-existing chemical processes like color or relaxers.
I'm hoping that this product is a cheaper alternative to the Frizz Cure (which is about $150 and I can't find anybody who offers it in MD).
Does this sound too good to be true?
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When I first read this thread the other week, I thought that I may be interested in this product, but after seeing that the curl formation is reduced, I don't believe that I am interested. I like to have the ringlets. I love that part of being curly!
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
THis sounds like the Ogilvie "Frizz Tamer" that you can buy at CVS for ten bucks-- basically just a very mild relaxer.

I remain unimpressed. The fact that they recommend it for virgin hair and tell you not to shampoo tip me off to the fact that it's obviously a chemical and a slightly damaging one. Sounds like they're just repackaging a mild relaxer into a fancy name and charging a buttload for it.

I'm also tired of these articles written by people who obviously know zip about curly hair. Oooooh, it frizzes! ooooh, you can't comb it! Um, duh. And if you keep trying to run your fingers through it, no wonder it keeps frizzing.
I had this procedure done in May. I personally think it was a total waste of money (and time). I still have frizz (esp. at the beach - where the ad said it would be amazingly frizz free). My regular stylist said that it changed the texture of my hair and actually made it more brittle. She put a gloss on it before coloring it a few weeks after I had the "cure" and it seemed better - pretty much the same as before I had it done. I certainly wouldn't do it again.
Results will depend on where and when you get the process done. Just as I've had damaging relaxers from bad stylists in the past, it's possible to have a stylist not know what they are doing when they are applying the product. The Frizzcure/Fabune website has a list of salons that use their products; hopefully they will update the list to those sylists they've actually trained in the product as well! But for now as it is new beware of sylists who are cashing in on the process but who won't give you your money's worth.
That's exactly what my regular stylist said. She said the product may not be all bad, but that the salon I went to may not have taken the time (or had the interest) to do it correctly. I felt like I was in a factory, and all they were seeing were dollar signs. After the treatment was done, during my blow out, the stylist never said 2 words to me - not even a smile. Needless to say, I will not be returning to that salon. However, my regular stylist (who I love and understands my hair completely) is in the process of training for the "Cure." Once she's had the proper training, I may give it another shot.
Just wanted to update this quick after the summer. I spent the whole summer in Pennsylvania frizzy as normal, no difference whatsoever. I don't straighten my hair, so I can't tell you if it helped there, but the curls were still out-of-control like normal on the humid days.

I really had high hopes - the salon I went to had their stylists trained for the Frizz Cure treatment and was one of the only places to get this when it initally came out and I know I went to a reputable salon. Overall, months after having it done, I'm just not impressed. Don't waste your money on something that sounds too good to be true.. Spend it on better products!
What a bummer!
Did they offer you any kind of guarantee on the process? It seems there should be some compensation if it didn't do at all what they told you it would do.
Sorry for your disappointment but it's good you've posted about it along the way so people here can benefit from your experience. I hope you're happier with your regular curls, which I think are very pretty.
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tinycurld -- where is your friends salon. is it the NYC/metro area. if so would you mind sharing the name and location.

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