Lanolin in styling products (Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom)

I'm currently eyeballing the Creme with Silk Groom by Kiehl's...I've read some good and some bad reviews on it. The bad ones usually say it makes their hair a bit too greasy (which is usually a sign that I should try a product since nothing makes my hair greasy!). Aveda's humectant has been my HG for 10+ years as a 'finisher' to help shine up the ends, but now that I've given 'cones the cold shoulder I need something else. (The Aveda just doesn't seem to be strong enough anymore.) But back to the original question...

The ingredients list two kinds of lanolin - Lanolin alchohol (which I think is a fatty alcohol) and lanolin oil. Does anyone know what it will take to remove lanolin from the hair? Sulphates/mild cleansers/or just water? It just sounds so waxy.

ETA - put 'Kiehl's' in the title so someone with experience might chime in...
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You really should post this under the ingredient questions:

It's a great question, and I'm really curious and that CurlChemist really knows her stuff!

All I know is that lanolin wax is really difficult to remove because it's such a high-temp-resistant wax. But I'm not sure about the oil or alcohol (nor am I sure if it's a fatty alcohol).
I've got a bottle of this that I used a couple of times. It left my hair a bit flat and the smell wasn't too great...That being said, it's yours if you would like it, it's been sitting in my swap pile....PM me if you are interested...

OK, so this is a bit late but I've ben on vacation for a week...

How did you use it? I was thinking of it as a post-styling scrunch-in product (like to fix poofies and such), but if that's how you used it and it made your hair flat...
"Things are exactly as they should be, all evidence to the contrary."

password = niner

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