Using duckbill clips

OK, if any of you use these would you mind posting a pic with them in? To save my life, my hair looks miserable after I put them in. I know I am putting them in correctly, on their side, but maybe I need placement help. I thought I branded the image of the clips in when I got my Ouidad cut, but I cannot recreate. Thanks much!!
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PW: curls
Sorry, I dont have a pic. But you just grab a section of hair, and clip at the base for volume. I only have two clips right now, so I put one on the front going to the left (because I like my "part" on the right), and the other one right behind it going to the right. The technique works great, except that I need more clips to do the rear-top part of my head. Otherise I'll get "slanthead".....with the front/top part has more volume than the back....and I look really weird from the side.
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