What do you guys think?? Straight hair or curly hair on me

Hi everyone :P

I miss wearing my hair straight because i think i look prettier with straight hair . My bf says he likes curly hair better on me and so does everyone else I know. Cmon I know im not the only one who feels this way at times!!

Can anyone take a look at my pics and give me an honest opinion!!
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You look really pretty with curly and straight hair. Lucky you! Maybe you are more confident with straight hair, so you think you look prettier. I know when I'm feeling happy/confident I see myself as pretty. When I'm not, I don't feel as pretty.
Thanks Knotty for the sweet compliment, yeah you are very right, im much more confident with straight hair
one day at a time..
I think you look nice either way. You may be more confident with the straight hair, but you look just as pretty with it curly! You should be confident rockin' those curls too!

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I agree with what everyone else has said. You and your hair look great straight or curly. That is hard to pull off. :-)
you look equally adorable both ways.

you look more glamorous with straight hair, but i think that's due to the fact that you style yourself differently with straight hair (more conventionally) and perhaps that's due to the fact that you are more confident that way. however, this look is a little more plastic/superficial looking. i'm not a fan of that un-natural beauty look, but some people like it. i think most people are socialized to prefer it, unfortunately.

with curly hair, you look like a much more authentic, natural beauty. there is something very unique and sassy and intriguing about your look when your hair is natural.

i would suggest spending some time wearing it all natural, to give yourself a chance to settle into it and see how you feel with it after a while.

just my humble .02 for what they are worth.

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You look fabulous both ways! I wouldn't lock myself into any one look. Go curly when you want and straight when you want. It's great to have options!
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I like both on you-- I think the straight hair looks sleek, but I think you look cuter and more natural curly. You're very pretty!
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Ok, you look beautiful both ways but definitely curly.
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Both styles look fabulous! I prefer curly, though, but you are so lucky you can look so wonderful both ways!
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with curly hair, you look like a much more authentic, natural beauty. there is something very unique and sassy and intriguing about your look when your hair is natural.
Originally Posted by mayim
ITA. While you look pretty with straight hair, I think you look better with curly hair, hands down.
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Love the hair!
You do look good both ways. Here's my two cents.
Curly: You look natural, unique, different from the rest with your beautiful curls. Your curls flatter your face nicely. If you wore those curls with confidence I swear you would be getting whistled at constantly!
Straight: Your hair looks nice and sleek and black(love the color!) You look very trendy and fashionable. I guess why I just don't like it as much is because you look like so many other girls I've seen with your hair straight.
So I guess to me, your beautiful either way, but with your hair natural you have a very unique kind of beauty that sets you apart from other women. I really admire women who have enough confidence to wear their hair natural. It makes me think that the person must be confident with themselves and more of an independant/leader type instead of a follower.
those are the nicest compliments i've ever gotten, thank you everyone

Im still not giving up on the curly hair, i wore my hair curly proudly today even though it was tied back in a "messy bun"
one day at a time..
I think the curls suit you wonderfully.
Both straight and curly look great on you but I really prefer the curls. Straight is a great option to have to mix things up sometimes.
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