hair at work?

Hi, I just registered here so that I can ask this question:
How do you wear your hair at work? Do you wear it down, or always tie it back? If you put it up, what are you doing with it? I'm graduating from grad school and I'm starting my job in a few weeks.

I generally wear my hair completely down or in a pony tail, and I'm afraid that I'll look unprofessional or too young. (I'm in my mid-twenties but I look younger.) Also, do you get treated differently for having "messy" curly hair at work? Should I straighten it?

This is my first real job and for some reason all of my anxiety about it is going to my appearance -- what to wear, and how to deal with my hair!! I'm generally a casual dresser, no makeup, etc. type of person, so I feel like I need to make a transformation into a more professional appearance. My work environment will be fairly conservative and it's a male dominated profession. There will be some people close to my age, but I may be the youngest.

I have fine 2c hair that's a little longer than shoulder length ( & it has long layers). I recently cut it from bra strap length because it was looking a little stringy.

thank you!
I wear it however I usually wear it. Down, halfway pulled back, ponytail, bun. I work at a lawfirm.
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i work in an office in design, and my hair gets in the way and REALLY annoys me so I tie it back, or just ake the front section and use a clip.

I also LOVE a clip that I have, I'm not sure what it's called but it's oval with a celtic pattern on, I gather my hair at my neck and hold the clip there, then push a stick through the clip which holds it all day. I have bits that fall down and look cute!

I can't think what those clips are called.
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I am a manager at a large corporation. I wear my hair down and curly. Several of the women who work for me have curly hair too, including one with gorgeous, wild elbow-length spirals. It really bugs me that in some workplaces, curls are seen as unprofessional.
I work in a large corporate law firm and I always wear my hair down. I don't like to come into the office with it wet, but other than that anything seems to go. We have quite a few wild curly girls here, along with some that aren't curly but have some pretty wild styles & color and no one seems to care. We can't wear jeans or sneakers except every once in awhile on Fridays -- but not every Friday. They are pretty strict with the dress code, but haven't said anything about hair. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I wear my hair down and curly.
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I've always worn my hair however I felt like but always curly. I've never had anyone suggest there was anything the matter with it. I'm an architect though and people tend to accept a less controlled look from us creative types. I've done quite a bit of corporate work though (hospitals, schoools, etc) and have never sensed any resistance to my hair.

well my hair is short so i just wear it out. i put little butterfly clips in it sometimes or a headband. there's not much i can do to it that won't make me look like i'm 3. i've actually been looking for some more styles to do with my hair. i work in a government office building. everything here is pretty lax though unless you are a higher up
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I work for an associatation and I usually wear my hair down and curly at the office. When I am interacting with the members I usually straighten it or put it because I look about ten years older with straight hair.
I normally wear it down, but only if I'm having a good hair day, which I usually do. A bad hair day leaves me with flyaway, frizzy, out of control hair, which isn't professional to me. On bad hair days, I put it up in a loose bun with hairsticks or a banana clip (not sure if that's what it's called).
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