Hair Cutting Advise? Layers

Hi there! I'm a newbie to all this and apparently been spending my whole life using the wrong products and fighting my wavy/curly hair. Honestly, the only time it really looked good is when I let it do it's thing.

My first issue to deal with is hair cuts. I've not had a good haircut in over 10 years. My hair is long (bra length) and I can't for the life of me get anyone to understand that I want a "dusting" or "skim coat" of loose layers. This is how I've tried to describe it - even drawing pictures - but no one gets what I'm talking about. These are the ones who actually look at my hair upon walk in and discuss it (many just have someone wash my hair before seeing it).

What they ALL do is grab big chunks of hair, hold it out or up, and cut angles in it. I end up with big chunks in my hair and total disconnect between these 'layers'. I end up looking like some sort of bad 80's deal with clumps. If I flatten this out with an iron, it looks great but if I leave it natural - yipes. I've learned thru trial to not allow them to use razoring or texturizing on the ends which merely creates a frizz/fluff effect. The other thing I can't stop people doing is putting in zillions of tiny precise layers in the bottom 2 inches of my hair which creates a bozo the clown type insanity that ends up not 'talking' with the rest of the hair.

I don't have any of these curl type salons in my area (Chicago burbs) but wish to get proper layers in my long hair. I'm trying to understand what I should look for and ask these stylists/salons to I can better nail down how to avoid more disaster. For instance, I've read about point cutting but really don't understand what it is. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to learn more about non-traditional cutting techniques, with perhaps pictures/video so I can 'get it' and then try to find someone or explain to them? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
I know exactly what you mean! I had a Ouidad cut a few weeks ago and although the curls looked great, the lady didn't cut the underneath layer of my hair (which is practically straight), so when it dried, I had this super long straight layer down the back- looked horrible. So I went this weekend to get that bottom layer trimmed and evened out with the rest of my hair. This is all I asked the stylist to do-- next thing I know, she's chopping layers into it. Aaarrgghhh! Now I feel like I'm back at square one.

Hopefully someone will give some great advice on how to get a stylist to truly listen to you.
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Red - Now that's really frightening considering the place you went to.
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