Ladies who make flax seed gel...what flax seed?

I have some Hodgen's Mill (sp?) milled flax seed that i got at the grocery store. Would this work? I looked on the side of the box and it says 100% milled flax seed. Thanks!

P.S.- If not, other suggestions?
You don't want to use milled or ground flax seed. You want to use whole flax seed. Check out the Recipes for hair board for more advise.
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Well, whole flax seeds are easier to filter out....but the first time I made this Gel I didn't think and I used the ground kind, and it made an even better gel then when I now use whole....the only problem what to take all of the little bits out of it. It can be done, but you can save the trouble by using whole.

Just to let you know that it CAN work. And I guess flax seed is flax seed whatever the name on the bag...
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