My curls have been dry, tangly, and tacky-feeling for the last couple of weeks. I got some shealoe butter from and did a DT last night. I brushed out my hair and globbed the butter on the ends. It's very thick, so it was difficult but not impossible. I plopped for 2 hours and then washed with Tresemme Vitamin C shampoo. (I lathered twice to get most of the butter out.) I conditioned with John Frieda Curl Around, which is brand-new for me. Went to bed and this morning my hair is defined, shiny, and lightweight. I have some split-ends, so as soon as I trim it, I should really be good to go.

Oh, and the butter is nice and thick for skin, but not greasy. I'm going to make a lighter-weight body butter with it using grapeseed oil.
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