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My younger brother has a big mop of curls, and he's been asking for my help with what to do with them. The top is pretty curly, though the back tends to get much straighter and looser. I don't think he does much with his hair besides wash, condition, and let it air dry. Do you guys know anything about curls on guys? Products or routines that may work for him? Should I tell him to scrunch, since his hair is starting to get somewhat long? Anyway, I figured this is the place to ask--thanks for your help! :-)
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guys look good with long hair. especially guys who have curly hair, then they can do more with it.
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He might want to use a little styling product -- not too much. Scrunching would be good. Remind him not to fiddle with his hair till it's dry. The longer he lets it grow, the more conditioning it will likely need.

There's a forum here just for curly guys, did you notice?

I have two boys one is 17 the other is 14. The 17 year old has very dry and curly hair. If he picked it it would make a great fro. My younger son has much looser wavy to curly hair. When my younger sons hair is shorter and combed it doesn't look at all curly or wavy.

We are trying to find the right products right now for my older son. He does have dandruff and is not ready to go shampooleass now but he primarily washes his scalp and washes his hair less frequently. He uses pureology conditioner, it comes in the purple bottle. He likes it because it is minty not flowery like a lot of other conditioners. What he does is get in the shower and washes his hair first, rinses, puts in the conditioner and washes the rest of his body before rinsing out the conditioner. And when he does rinse he doesn't rinse completely. As someone explained to me hair rinse it till it feels more like wet seaweed. He gently squeezes it dry and then puts in Garnier fructise Curl and Shine leave in. This is not perfect because it leaves his hair a little crisp but until we find something else it will do. Also he used to shower before bed because he doesn't have enough time in the morning and he didn't want to miss any of his shows. But when he woke up in the morning his hair was a frizzy mess. So he now showers after dinner and allows his hair to totally dry before going to bed.

Our biggest problem is to figure out what he can put in his hair in the morning to refresh it.

For my wavy curly haired boy all he does is wash it :::shrug::: no frizzies. But when he wakes in the morning it is sticking in every direction. So we have to totally wet it, under the faucet, dry with a towel and mess up. He doesn't put anything in his hair.

p.s. sorry for any errors I don't have time to edit but wanted to let you know what we are doing. Please let us know what your brother does when he is done.
My son is 15 and he has curly hair very similar to mine - 2b/3a.
He wears it kind of long and curly (halfway down his neck) and he loves his hair. And of course, I think he's gorgeous.

He showers and wets his hair at least daily, sometimes twice a day, but only uses shampoo once or twice a week.

When he's out of the shower he kinda rubs his head to fluff up his hair and then lets it air dry. No combing, brushing, conditioners or products. Believe me he doesn't touch it again until his next shower.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you for all of your help! My brother loves his hair, too. It absolutely cracks me up how intently he listens to the curl advice I've been giving him! His hair looked so great yesterday. Apparently, he had been running his fingers all through his hair after he got out of the shower, which caused huge frizz, fuzz, ill-defined curls, and hair that was generally massive. My brother is not shampoo-less either; he takes his showers in the evening, and his new routine is putting in a little bit of Pantene curl defining pro-v treatment when it's soaking wet, scrunching with a t-shirt (instead of rubbing it with a towel), and then letting it air dry. His biggest issue is touching it when it's drying, but if he doesn't do that, he's got cute curls all day that are no longer 3 feet tall :-)

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