Devacurl who needs a change, help!!

Hello everyone,
I need some help. I am currently using the Devacurl / Devacare line and have been for the past 6 months and have been loving it...well until I realized that I am actually allergic to it...arghhhh I have been hearing and reading alot about Jessicurl and Curl Keeper and am interested to know if anyone has used either of these products. I have thin curly hair with very little frizz. Any suggestions???
That's too bad you are allergic to Deva stuff. Do you know what it is in the products that doesn't agree with you?

I think Jessicurl would be just the thing for you. She has nice little trial packs if you're afraid to take the plunge on all the products. You might want to go for the "light" rather than the "rich" products.

I love Curlkeeper, but I use it exclusively for frizz control. Since you don't have much frizz (lucky woman!) I would skip it all together.

Good luck.
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Thanks Bostonwaves, I am not too sure, but I think it may be the chamomile which I have read is part of the ragweed family. I am very allergic to ragweed. My worst season.

I'll give Jessicurl a try, unless there are any other recommendations.

Thanks again.

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