I got it chem straightened

I gotmy hair chemically straightened a couple months ago, and I must say it looks fab. But I wasn't reallydoingit to get ridof the curly, just to make it more manageable. my hair was out of control. I actually look my age ( 16 in 6 days) and stuff. I was wondering, is there any way to make itmore curly? it's alsready curly, and wavy, just not as much after I wash. I'm looking for more waves. any ideas? it's pretty dry right now. and I've gotten some nice curly wavs that are calm from braids over night too.
just wondering how is your hair looking after getting it straigtened I was considering it but also want waves not completly straight. doing it more to get rid of the thick unmanagable hair... how much effort does it take?
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Well, It took me about 6 hours to get it done, because it was so thick. But, Usually, all I have to do, is wash, sleep on it over night, brush, and it's usually pretty straight. I rarely have to use a wand or anything. Like i said, braids work, but i'm not so sure ilike it.
One time I bought this chemical straightening thing (its like a reverse perm) from the drug store and it worked okay. It didn't make my hair that much straighter though
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You could try scrunching your curls while drying with a diffuser.

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