How the heck do you part curly hair?

I've been poo-less for a few months now, and I'm loving it, but I can't seem to master the curly hair-part. When I part it with a comb it breaks up the curls at the roots, and so the roots look limp and funny compared to the rest of my hair. When I don't part it at all, the natural part is really strange and frizzy, and having no part makes my hair unmanagable to the point where I end up bobby-pinning it back and forgetting a part (or cute hair, lol) altogether.
Any tips, my curly friends?
Honestly, I just the curls fall as they may. They usually naturally fall to the side so I have side part. But, when I do want to switch my part up, I just move the curls that have flopped over to one side, to the the other side. I never break a curl up, I just take a whole curl and reposition it. I usually get a center part or a different side part.
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I usually just worry about the front part of my part and put that to the side, (my mom tends to nag if I part in the middle) and the hair behind I let fall wear it may. My hairdresser claims that making a purposeful part in curly hair tends to look unnatural, I think I agree, at least on my head! ~~jax
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Last time I went to my stylist she said the easiest way to set the part is while hair is wet and loaded up with conditioner. It really works. If I leave my hair to it's own, it will pretty much always part in the center no matter what. I can actually change the part to one side or the other in the shower before flipping and rinsing my conditioner out. I just kind of pick up the curls and move them over to one side until it seems like it's in a good spot. Then I rake my fingers through to detangle once more and rinse.
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When it's wet when I detangle with conditioner.
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I part mine in the shower with a comb, after leave-in and before mousse/gel/whatever. My hair's pretty straight and flat on top though so it's OK for me, wouldn't work for everyone I guess.
usually down the middle with a wide tooth comb
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When I want to keep the part I shower and apply products upright but if I have to fix it or decide to change it I put a clip on each side of the part to keep the part defined and then I bend down at the waist to scrunch the curls back together along the part; when I straighten up most of the time the curls have "regrouped", if anything all I have to do is gently guide a curl or two back to whichever side it belongs.
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excellent, thanks for all the ideas, guys, I'll definitely try 'em out

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